Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Wish List to Myself.

Christmas is only a week away!!! Woot!!!
I love the holiday season because it's full of happiness and family time. :) 
It's also the season of gift giving. I'm one of those people that enjoy's gift giving way, way more than receiving gifts. Is that weird? Lol. I don't like to ask for things. Or write wish lists. lol. 
But here is a wish list for myself. I think I've worked hard this year, maybe I'll spoil myself with a little something. And hopefully this will give you all an idea of some gifts for your special girls in your life. :) 
  1. Beyonce Visual Album!!! Who does not love Queen Bey?? Her surprise album did not come at a more perfect time than the holidays. :) 
  2. Jewelry stand. I need one of these, but not for my jewelry but more nailpolishes. I have a similar one, where I do have my nail polishes, but my nail polish seem to be growing at a high rate and they have taken over my shelf, and I'm in dire need for one of these. Maybe I'll make it myself. {Make it yourself at Snap!} 
  3. I'm pretty obsessed with Candles!! Any kind!! They are so relaxing, and I think I perfect gift. 
  4. Jewelry. What girl doesn't love jewelry? Another perfect gift. {Source}
  5. Scarves. Another obsession of mine. Scarves can be worn in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. You know you will be wearing it year long. {Source
  6. Lipsticks, have become another obsession of mine this year. I wear some almost everyday, and I'm on the journey to expand my collection. Every lady needs lipstick to make them feel even more sexy.  {source}
  7. Vera Wang perfume. My perfume. I love it. {Source}
What are you buying yourself this holiday season?
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  1. Great post idea. A wish list to yourself. I know I'm a bit late but if I could I would wish for a new computer, money, and maybe well money will do!


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