Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Literary Junkies {November}

Hi ya'll I'm back!!! Lots of things have been happening, and I just needed a little break, to reflect on myself and some events that have happened recently!! But I'm glad to be back!! :)

Let's start of with LITERARY JUNKIES link -up!
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1) What are you currently reading? Tell us about it!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

"Weary of her storybook, one "without pictures or conversations," the young and imaginative Alice follows a hasty hare underground--to come face-to-face with some of the strangest adventures and most fantastic characters in all of literature. 

The Ugly Duchess, the Mad Hatter, the weeping Mock Turtle, the diabolical Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat--each more eccentric than the last--could only have come from that master of sublime nonsense, Lewis Carroll. 

In penning this brilliant burlesque of children's literature, Carroll has written a farcical satire of rigid Victorian society, an arresting parody of the fears, anxieties, and complexities of growing up. 

Carroll was one of the few adult writers to successfully enter the children's world of make-believe: where the impossible becomes possible, the unreal--real, and where the height of adventure is limited only by the depths of imagination" - from Goodreads

I have always wanted to read this book. I'm not sure why I never read it as a child, and I felt like I was missing something because I didn't. So when I finally got my hands on it I was so excited to be transported to Wonderland. And although it is a wonderful piece of literature, and Wonderland is a weird, and magical place, I'm confused half of the time. I'm almost done, so I'm hoping I somehow a lightbulb gets turned on, and everything becomes clear. hahah. I like it, though. 

2) How many books have you read this year? Do you set goals for yourself? 
The last 4 years were filled with all-nighters and textbooks, so I have no time for reading for fun. But since graduating (last December) I wanted to get back to reading for fun, so this year I did set a goal for myself. I set my goal at 20 books this, so I'm almost there, I've read 18 books so far!!! :) For next year, I think I will be setting my goal to at least 24 (2 books per month, is do-able right?) and hoping for 30. :)

3) What do you think are the best and worst book-to-movie/TV show adaptation?
I love this question, because I love when books get turned into movies or TV shows. I'm the kind of person that needs to read the book before I see the movie. Of course it has its disadvantages because I form my own world in my head while reading, and sometimes its not the same when I see the movies. hahah. 
My best and worst? hmmmm. now that's the hard question. 
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Right now I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games. I loved the first movie, I loved the first book. I just finished re-reading the second book, just in time for the premiere of the movie on Friday, which I'm so excited about. I really hope that the new movie is as good as the book. :) 
The Notebook, favorite book and movie!!! I think it stayed pretty close to the book, except for the ending. I must admit, although I cry every time, I loved how the movie ended!!
P.S I love you!!! I like the movie, but the BOOK IS WAY BETTER!!!!!! When the movie first came out, I was disappointed, because I loved the book so much.
The Help is another one of my favorite movie/book adaptations!! 
Game of Thrones, is one of my favorite shows! My brother was the one that got me into it! I've read the first book, and I couldn't believe how close to the book the show is!! 
Gossip Girl, I was obsessed with the books in middle school and high school, I bought all the books!! When it was announced that it was going to turn into a show, I was so excited. But I realized that it was not quite the same as the book I accepted them to be two different entities.

4) What's the first line of your favorite book? 
Too many fave books!!! ahhh

"We slept in what had once been the gymnasium." - The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

5) What's your favorite quote from a book? The Night Circus
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What are you currently reading? What are your favorite quotes? Best and worst book adaptations?
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  1. We missed you! I hope Berkeley was fun!!

  2. awww. thanks hun!!!!!! I'm glad I'm back. :) :) it was!! :)

  3. I have read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass a few times and I think reading it as an adult is much better than reading it as a kid or a teenager. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I read Alice's Adventures as a kids, because I was a bit weird as a kid. It really helped in the long run. The Hunger Games is amazing but the last book was the worst thing in life to me.

  5. I just finished, and I did enjoy it, it was a fun book!! but still, I found myself confused hahaha.. i don't know why.. lol, I think it was because I was reading too much into it!!

  6. I'm a little bit weird too, hahha, and Alice was definitely weird in a good way. haha
    I agree with you I was not a fan of the last book!!!
    thank you for visiting.

  7. haha.. Don't worry Megan, I don't hate you!! I agree, some movies just don't translate what was written on the books, it's hard especially when we love the books to much, and the movie just doesnt give it justice, so I completely understand.
    I'm so excited for Catching Fire, will you be watching it in the theatres??
    Thanks for visiting. :)

  8. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are two of those books where you'll find new things every time you read them :)

  9. Loved The Night Circus. Definitely enjoyed The Notebook both in book and movie versions. I was so disappointed in P.S. I Love You movie version. I thought they missed some really integral parts of that story. Thanks so much for linking up! Hope to see you next month!

  10. I agree, the P.S I Love You movie was so disappointing, when compared to the book. But I still love watching it, is that bad? lol.
    The Night Circus, has taken my favorite book spot! Loved it!!
    Thank you, for hosting the party. I enjoy the link-up!:)

  11. So true!! I can totally see that happening. :) I will re-read them again.
    Thanks for visiting. :)


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