Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl {Cooking Time}

Today's A-Z Letter is T... for... Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.

I love chicken bowls, and teriyaki is my favorite kind. We usually buy the box kits from Costco, that comes with a bag of chicken and a packet of sauce, we've tried the Teriyaki Chicken, and the Orange Chicken and they taste so good. Well, we weren't sure why we only had the packet of chicken in our fridge without the packet of sauce, so we decide to add Teriyaki from the store. And it came out good. 

- 2 cups of water
- 1 cup of rice
- 1 1/2 tablespoon of butter
- Chicken, (we had the leftover packet) but you can do it with like 4 chicken breasts
- 1 cup of Teriyaki Glaze
- Mixed veggies
- 1 tablespoon of butter

- Put the two cups of water to boil in a small pot
- Once the water has boiled add the rice. And season it with butter and some salt.
- Cover the pot and let rice cook.
- My moms golden rule for making rice: Its a 1:2 ratio of rice to water. 

{Mixed Veggies}
- In a pan, add some a cup of water and add your veggies. 
- Let them cook until tender, and throw out most of the water. 
- Bring it back to heat and some butter to give it flavor. 

- In another pan, add a bit of olive oil and add your chicken. 
- Once your chicken in cooked, add 1 cup of Teriyaki, and let the chicken cook with the sauce. 
- Once the chicken is done, serve rice, veggies and top it with the chicken. 

Check out some more yummy recipes: Food Thoughts
What's your favorite kind of Chicken Bowl?
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Skinny Jeans {Fashion Thoughts}

Today's A-Z Letter is S... for... Skinny Jeans 

Ohhh goodness!! It's been a busy week!! First of all, Happy Easter, I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Easter Weekend. Second, this has been such a busy week. I had an interview and I had my first day as a substitute paraeducator. I was so nervous, but excited at the same time. :) It went well, so I'm excited. 
Another exciting thing that happen was this mini photo shoot. I love fashion. And I must admit I'm far from being a fashionista, or a fashion blogger, or a model but I do love to shop for some cute things. And I wanted to show my inner, wannabe fashionista with a new weekly feature on the blog. 
First up my favorite Skinny Jeans right now. 
Please don't laugh at me. It is my first photo shoot, and although I'm sure I looked awkward and most shots were weird, I really liked it. Props to my cousin Claudia for taking these shots. Check out her work here

 Top {Old Navy} // Jeans {Lauren Conrad at Kohls} 
Shoes {DSW} // Clutch {Target} // Watch {Fossil}
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movies I love!

Today's A-Z Letter is M... for.. Movies!!

I love watching movies. I think I can spend all day watching movies, and I think I have before. I don't have a preferred genre, except for scary movies, unless you will sleep next to me with the lights on all night, then I will not watch a scary movie. I'm a huge scaredy cat. I love a good cry. 

These are some of the movies that I've recently watch and some of my all time favorite.

//The Impossible//
The movie was about the a family vacationing in Thailand when the Tsunami happened. Just to see and think about all that the people in Thailand went through with this natural disaster, made me sad. But the movie was amazing. 

//Now You See Me//

This is another movie that I recently seen. I love heist movies, I'm fascinated with  movies that are about magicians and illusionists, like The Illusionist, and The Prestige. And this movie had a twist at the end, that had me like whhaaat. 

//The Hunger Games//
I loved the series, and I loved the movies. Although I think the first one was a little better than the second, I still loved it. 
//Pitch Perfect and Bridemaids//
{IMDb} // {IMDb}
I love movies that make me laugh. And these were both funny and cute. 
//The Italian Job// 
Another good heist movie. I think this one is one of my favorite action movies. 

{Trailers Link} Divergent // Noah // Maleficient // The Fault in our Stars

What are your top favorite movies? What movies can't you wait to see this year?
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Monday, April 14, 2014


Today's A-Z Letter is L... for.. Love
This weekend I went to a wedding. It was beautiful. As I was sitting at church and then at the reception watching them dance, I began to wonder, when will I have this. Right now there are new engagements, weddings, new babies all round me, and sometimes I wish for this. I know this will happen in due time, but I can't help wanted to know when, or to just fast forward to that time. 

I haven't had much experience with relationships,  but when I love I love hard, whether it be my family or my friends or my lover. But at the same time I'm so guarded, because I don't want to get get hurt. And one time I let that get in the way of what I was feeling, and I realized that instead of enjoying the time we had together, I pushed it away. But I'm ready to let it go, I'm ready to be a little bit more vulnerable when it comes to love. I'm ready to be in the moment, and not think about it too much. I'm ready to be open.

These last few years, I've been learning to just have fun. I also realized that I have first get to know myself and most of all Love Myself, before I can let anyone in. So here is a tip for myself: love yourself, live your life, and wait for the right person to come along. Don't give up, don't get frustrated. Love yourself.
Yes, I would love to have someone sweep me off my feet. But he will come. Right now I'm happy to surround myself with my family and friends and God. 
How do you love with all your everything?
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Keeping the House {Currently Reading}

Today's A-Z Letter is K... for.. Keeping the House

Title : Keeping the House
Author: Ellen Baker
Publisher:  Random House
Release Date: July 10th, 2007
Summary from GoodReads:

Set in the conformist 1950s and reaching back to span two world wars, Ellen Baker’ s superb novel is the story of a newlywed who falls in love with a grand abandoned house and begins to unravel dark secrets woven through the generations of a family. Like Whitney Otto’s How to Make an American Quilt in its intimate portrayal of women’ s lives, and reminiscent of novels by Elizabeth Berg and Anne Tyler, Keeping the House is a rich tapestry of a novel that introduces a wonderful new fiction writer. 

When Dolly Magnuson moves to Pine Rapids, Wisconsin, in 1950, she discovers all too soon that making marriage work is harder than it looks in the pages of the Ladies’ Home Journal. Dolly tries to adapt to her new life by keeping the house, supporting her husband’s career, and fretting about dinner menus. She even gives up her dream of flying an airplane, trying instead to fit in at the stuffy Ladies Aid quilting circle. Soon, though, her loneliness and restless imagination are seized by the vacant house on the hill. As Dolly’s life and marriage become increasingly difficult, she begins to lose herself in piecing together the story of three generations of Mickelson men and women: Wilma Mickelson, who came to Pine Rapids as a new bride in 1896 and fell in love with a man who was not her husband; her oldest son, Jack, who fought as a Marine in the trenches of World War I; and Jack’s son, JJ, a troubled veteran of World War II, who returns home to discover Dolly in his grandparents’ house. 

As the crisis in Dolly’s marriage escalates, she not only escapes into JJ’s stories of his family’s past but finds in them parallels to her own life. As Keeping the House moves back and forth in time, it eloquently explores themes of wartime heroism and passionate love, of the struggles of men’s struggles with fatherhood and war and of women’s conflicts with issues of conformity, identity, forbidden dreams, and love.

Beautifully written and atmospheric, Keeping the House illuminates the courage it takes to shape and reshape a life, and the difficulty of ever knowing the truth about another person’s desires. Keeping the House is an unforgettable novel about small-town life and big matters of the heart.

I haven't gotten to far into it, but can't wait for the book picks up pace. I like the 50s era, and this book showcases marriage and life in the 50s, so I can't wait. 

Have you read this book? What are you currently reading?
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