Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale!!

***Spoiler Alert***
If you haven't watched the Summer Finale, I suggest you go and watch it. It is super good, shocking, and unbelievable. I'm going to try to not give to many spoilers but I am going to talk about what I thought about it.

Okay well starting with the Paige and Emily story line. The episode before this one: "Single Fright Female" we saw how Hannah, Spencer and Aria, believed that Paige was "A." There was something about Paige that was kinda off, so I did think that Paige has something to do with the A-team. And in the finale, she was acting weird. I did feel bad for Emily, she has been going through a lot, and now she found someone she loved and cared about, but her friends were telling her she was a bad person. She must've been so confused. But when Paige got the A text, that changed things. I didn't think she was A, but I thought that she might be working for them.

Aside from Caleb and Hannah, Toby and Spencer are one of my favorite couples. So when Toby came back to town I was so happy for Spence. She was happy, and when they spent their intimate moment I was like ''awww''. But I must admit he looked a little suspicious when he was leaving her house.

Caleb = HOTTIE!!!!! and so protective and loving towards Hannah.

Mona. When I saw Mona, I was like OMG!!! How long has this bitch been able to get out of the psych ward. Because since the girls have been getting A texts, this bitch it behind it.

I knew that the Liars were going to get stood up, the moment Mona got that call. And when they were going to the Lighthouse to check on Emily, I knew something was about to go down. Always thought Nate was on the crazy. I didn't quite believe him being Maya's cousin. But he is crazy.

The END was by far the most shocking thing I have ever seen. "NOOOO!!! OHH EEEMM GEEE!!" was my response. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode, and i can't believ we have to wait like two months for it!!!

Watch episodes, see pictures and other PLL things on ABC Family

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The last 1st day of school!!

Ahhhhh. Today was the first last day of school of my college career. It a little surreal. I'm on my last semester of my college career, but yet it doesn't feel like it. I don't know what it feels like. It feels weird. Maybe its because all my girls aren't here anymore. I can't text them or call them so we can go grab lunch, or just hang out anymore. There are new faces on campus that I don't recognize anymore. I feel a little old and out of place. I guess it's just going to be finding the girls that are still here, and hanging out with them.

But Berkeley is not the same without my Fab 5.

I had my first Thesis class meeting today and I feel overwhelmed already. Our first assignment is to write a 1 page proposal about the topic that we are going to be writing about. This Thesis is 30 pages!!! 30 pages!!! Fuck my life. I don't have the slightest idea about what I want to write about!!!! Professor Palmer said that it doesn't necessarily have to be about our concentration, but I really want to tie it in somehow, so that I won't feel too bad about all the hard work I did here in the last 4 years.

We will see how it goes.!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"The World Needs More Love Letters"

One day when I was just surfing the net I came upon this awesome website called LoveTwenty, amazing website with different kinds of posts for twenty-somethings year olds focusing on college years, career, love, etc. It's pretty awesome website check it out, I love it!!!

I read an interview on their website on a movement called "The World Needs More Love Letters." This movement was started by a young woman right after she graduated from college and living in New York, read her story on LoveTwenty or "The World Needs More Love Letters" or her personal blog, Hannah Katy. All these websites are amazing and I just think that the movement and Hannah is amazing, and inspirational.

I've fallen in love with this movement (I've noticed that I've been falling in love a lot lately, nail polishes, the color pink, the color grey, Pinterest, Love Letters; I guess its a good thing it isn't with boys).

Their mission:

More than just fueling a handwritten practice with social media, we are on a mission to spread more love letters out into a world that so desperately needs them. Through writing, leaving and mailing love letters, we are learning to turn our words into lanterns to light the paths of others.

 I think we have all gone through our lives, I know that I have been in places, where I couldn't see the end of the tunnel. I still have days where I feel down. My family and friend's support and words were the things that kept me going. Now we have an opportunity to touch other people's hearts, and potentially make their day that much brighter. The World does Need More Love Letters.

Here is my attempt to keep the movement going. So pick one up, or leave one your self. I hope to put a smile on your or someone's face.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spontaneous Decisions become Awesome Adventures

motto for the summer!!

Yesterday Deb decided that she wanted to go to Santa Cruz. I guess it's not all that spontaneous because she wanted to go see her family. They were there because her sister just got in to UC Santa Cruz and it was her orientation and the family came up. Deb wanted to see them.

So with our handy dandy..... ZIP CAR membership we were able to rent the zip car and.......headed into the sunset or rather the mountains!!

I've been to Santa Cruz before once on a college trip from High School, it was raining that day, I thought it was pretty but didn't like the rain and the forest together. Then we came when we dropped off my brother at college. And then now, and I must say it is beautiful. 

We went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Deb's mom and sisters. We parted ways for a bit and went to hang out with the brother. I hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks but it was good seeing him. We went to go eat some yummy burgers, he had a bear ( I forgot that he is already 21!!) and just talked. You know how brothers are growing up, and my brothers are not an exception, they used to tease me and stuff so although our relationship is not bad it is not perfect either. But it was fun seeing him and just talking about school and what we are going to do after school... Blargh.. and also his obsession with BATMAN (which I want to go see by the way).

After we ate, he had to go back home since he had do some readings and met back up with Deb and her family and got on all these rides!! There was a lot of people the lines were long. And although some of the rides looked pretty tamed from the ground once we were on them were pretty scary. hehe

MORAL of the story: I had a blast with the BFF!!! The road trip back home was fun, just talking about stuff, and making our own special dream guy taking different things and body parts from different hotties!!! I must say our dream guys are fucking HOT!!! ;)

Cheers to Spontaneity and more Summer Adventures!!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nail Frenzy

Soooooo.. I need to make a confession!!! I'm completely obsessed with Nail Polishes at this moment.

So much that last Friday I literally looked up how to start a Nail Polish line!! Haha. All thanks to an episode from Empire Girls: Adrienne and Julissa. Will be proposing my mini business plan with the roomie, we have been thinking of starting something, clothing boutique, webstore, this would be pretty easy alternative.

My/our purpose is NOT to compete with the Essie, O.P.I, Sally Hansen, or other top brands, but as a fun project. I researched a bit and it isn't too hard on the wallet to start it off. One nail color factory was asking for a minimum of 72 bottles for $180. Waaahhh not bad. Of course, adding a logo, changing the bottle, and cap would be a little extra, but I'm excited and if I can pitch it right to the bff/roomie, we can do it!!!

As for my infatuation with nail polish I think it all started with Pinterest and all the amazing blogs, displaying the creative, beautiful nail designs!!! :)

I've re-pinned some amazing nail designs here.

My Fave and my current inspiration 
My Version!!
In my version I used Wet n Wild megalast in "I Need a Refresh-Mint" (minty color) and Wet n Wild shine in "Kaleidoscope" (glittery color).

I obviously need to take better pictures because the color is  more of the minty green color not the sky blue color of the picture... MAJOR FAIL, will work on a new one!!

But yes this is my weekly NAIL <3!! See you next time

Saturday, July 14, 2012

City Life!!!

Yesterday my friends and I took a trip to SF. I don't think I have been in the city in a long time, but it was awesome.

Our journey obviously started at Berkeley Bart taking us into the city where we stopped at the Civic Center Bart in SF. Being in Berkeley for 4 years I think I know my way around the Bart at least the Bart stops in the East Bay, and when it comes to the City, well just the Powell Bart, the only stop you need to know to get to the Westfield Mall. But besides that, haven't taken much public transportation to the City, I know pretty lame right?

Our goal was to end up at the Golden Gate Park to attend the Academy of Sciences, and in order to get from the Civic Center to Golden Gate Park we had to take Muni. So to the Muni Station we went!!!! And of course, we weren't quite sure what direction to take, Steph and Deb knew we had to take the N Judah line, but they were convinced that it was the inbound train, so we looked at the map of the city of all the different lines, and finally figured out that it was the outbound train going to Ocean Beach, the Muni that we just happened to miss. FAIL!!! lol. We were trying to look like we were Bay Area/San Francisco natives, except that that pretty  much people saw us as tourists.. lol. We finally got on the Muni, which just like the Bart we were packed like SARDINES, it was ridiculous, like unbelievably packed and hot in there. I propose, I'm not sure what to propose, but ridic!!! :D

At this point its like about 6:30ish. We are starving so we get off the Muni at our stop on 9th Ave and Irving St. It's windy!! I look around, and I fall in love with this place. There are coffee shops, restaurants, bars here and there, and BOUTIQUES!!! Oh man, its so cute. I WANT TO LIVE in a place like this!!!

We walk a couple blocks into the Golden Gate Park and we arrive at the Academy of Sciences. The first thing we see is the bar!!! woo!! We get in line and get a drink. Nightlife is this event that the Academy does every Thursdays for the 21+ crowd, with bars in different levels, DJs and music, and the exhibits are open for us to explore. The crowd is diverse, older people, people in their 30s, and college kids. Its fun overall. We explore the Aquarium, and all the different life that exist in the oceans, and yes we found Dori, from Finding Nemo. hehehe.. We go into the Earthquake exhibit, and learn about plate tectonics, and how the continents moved. And we go into a simulated earthquake exhibit showcasing the San Francisco earthquakes of 1906 and 1989. I thought that the earthquakes that I have felt in my lifetime were scary, get awoken by them in the middle of the night, or during class, but those Earthquakes were much more scary.

Anyway, had lots of funsies, but let me go back to the City Life!!! I was telling Deb that I have always wanted to live in a city, and I do hope that after I graduate, get a job and get ready to settle into my own life,  that I really move into a city. Not that I have experienced many city environment, probably just San Francisco and LA, I love how it feels. Seeing the big buildings, the traffic of cars and people, ahhh!! The city needs and offers different things than a College Town like Berkeley, or a suburb area in SoCal does!!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I see myself living in a city, or two in my future, and honestly I can't wait!! What city is that, you may ask? I really don't know, but NYC, LA, SF, ATL are some that are very tempting!!! :)
This is the kind of lifestyle I want to live!!! Picture from pinterest

EXCITED for what life has in store for me!!!