Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale!!

***Spoiler Alert***
If you haven't watched the Summer Finale, I suggest you go and watch it. It is super good, shocking, and unbelievable. I'm going to try to not give to many spoilers but I am going to talk about what I thought about it.

Okay well starting with the Paige and Emily story line. The episode before this one: "Single Fright Female" we saw how Hannah, Spencer and Aria, believed that Paige was "A." There was something about Paige that was kinda off, so I did think that Paige has something to do with the A-team. And in the finale, she was acting weird. I did feel bad for Emily, she has been going through a lot, and now she found someone she loved and cared about, but her friends were telling her she was a bad person. She must've been so confused. But when Paige got the A text, that changed things. I didn't think she was A, but I thought that she might be working for them.

Aside from Caleb and Hannah, Toby and Spencer are one of my favorite couples. So when Toby came back to town I was so happy for Spence. She was happy, and when they spent their intimate moment I was like ''awww''. But I must admit he looked a little suspicious when he was leaving her house.

Caleb = HOTTIE!!!!! and so protective and loving towards Hannah.

Mona. When I saw Mona, I was like OMG!!! How long has this bitch been able to get out of the psych ward. Because since the girls have been getting A texts, this bitch it behind it.

I knew that the Liars were going to get stood up, the moment Mona got that call. And when they were going to the Lighthouse to check on Emily, I knew something was about to go down. Always thought Nate was on the crazy. I didn't quite believe him being Maya's cousin. But he is crazy.

The END was by far the most shocking thing I have ever seen. "NOOOO!!! OHH EEEMM GEEE!!" was my response. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode, and i can't believ we have to wait like two months for it!!!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The last 1st day of school!!

Ahhhhh. Today was the first last day of school of my college career. It a little surreal. I'm on my last semester of my college career, but yet it doesn't feel like it. I don't know what it feels like. It feels weird. Maybe its because all my girls aren't here anymore. I can't text them or call them so we can go grab lunch, or just hang out anymore. There are new faces on campus that I don't recognize anymore. I feel a little old and out of place. I guess it's just going to be finding the girls that are still here, and hanging out with them.

But Berkeley is not the same without my Fab 5.

I had my first Thesis class meeting today and I feel overwhelmed already. Our first assignment is to write a 1 page proposal about the topic that we are going to be writing about. This Thesis is 30 pages!!! 30 pages!!! Fuck my life. I don't have the slightest idea about what I want to write about!!!! Professor Palmer said that it doesn't necessarily have to be about our concentration, but I really want to tie it in somehow, so that I won't feel too bad about all the hard work I did here in the last 4 years.

We will see how it goes.!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"The World Needs More Love Letters"

One day when I was just surfing the net I came upon this awesome website called LoveTwenty, amazing website with different kinds of posts for twenty-somethings year olds focusing on college years, career, love, etc. It's pretty awesome website check it out, I love it!!!

I read an interview on their website on a movement called "The World Needs More Love Letters." This movement was started by a young woman right after she graduated from college and living in New York, read her story on LoveTwenty or "The World Needs More Love Letters" or her personal blog, Hannah Katy. All these websites are amazing and I just think that the movement and Hannah is amazing, and inspirational.

I've fallen in love with this movement (I've noticed that I've been falling in love a lot lately, nail polishes, the color pink, the color grey, Pinterest, Love Letters; I guess its a good thing it isn't with boys).

Their mission:

More than just fueling a handwritten practice with social media, we are on a mission to spread more love letters out into a world that so desperately needs them. Through writing, leaving and mailing love letters, we are learning to turn our words into lanterns to light the paths of others.

 I think we have all gone through our lives, I know that I have been in places, where I couldn't see the end of the tunnel. I still have days where I feel down. My family and friend's support and words were the things that kept me going. Now we have an opportunity to touch other people's hearts, and potentially make their day that much brighter. The World does Need More Love Letters.

Here is my attempt to keep the movement going. So pick one up, or leave one your self. I hope to put a smile on your or someone's face.