Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life after Graduation.

Well, I'm happy to say that I have officially graduated, although I still haven't received my diploma yet! I'm exhausted from school, and plan to take a break from it for now.

I'm back home living with my parents, not so fab, I know. But I just plan to stay here back at home for a couple of months, until I stabalize myself and save up some money to move out. I love being back at home though, I love it.

I'm also working now. I work as a tutor for kids ranging in grade levels, right now I have kids, ranging from 3rd grade up to 8th grade. I'm enjoying every minute of it, I love working with children, and I love being able to teach them new things, or review with them things that they might've forgotten, so it's making the job so easy and fun. I must say that the only thing is that I do come home from tutoring exhausted, finding new, fun ideas, lesson plans and worksheets for each of my kids is a little frustrating and takes up a lot of time, but like I said it's all worth it at the end. I really want to continue persuing a career in education, which I am really excited about.

As for my personal life, I haven't really gone out. It's hard being away from the girls and friends you see practically every day and hang out on an hourly basis, lol. My social life is definetely not the same, and miss being in Berkeley so much. This is an area on my life that I really need to work on!! Going out, getting a drink or two, dancing, meeting new people, mingling!!! I need these desperately.. Hahaha.

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