Monday, August 5, 2013


Time to restart this old thing!! :) I love blogging, or at least writing, and I would like to write everyday sometimes it gets hard. But now that me and my college friends have started writing our blog!! Fab5Adventures, I have fallen back in love with it. At our blog, we have decided that each of us would take a designated day to post our individual blog post, it somehow keeps us on check and responisble when it comes to actually writing our post!! I write on Fridays at Fab5 but I would like to write everyday, so here I go again!! :) Let's do this!! :) I will try my very, very best to write every day on here!!

P.S - This last Friday I wrote a D.I.Y post at Fab5 with a giveway!! Check it out and you would win the cute clutch I made. :)

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