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Gravel on the Side of the Road by Kris Radish {Summer Reading Challenge}

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I'm back.... to give you some awesome book reviews that I have been just lagging on. But before today's book review, just wanted to quickly update you about my life. My life is still hectic and chaotic, have not completely gotten used to having a full time job. But I'm totally loving it. I actually enjoy going to work. :) As for my bloggy, I feel bad that I haven't visited it much, and definitely want to get back on to it. I truly missed it. Until then go ahead and follow me on my INSTA!!! :)

But now I bring you a book review from the Summer Reading Challenge. It's almost over, so I will be posting some of the reviews of the books I have left. :) 

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Title : Gravel on the Side of the Road: True Stories from a Broad Who Has Been There
Author : Kris Radish
Publisher: SparkPress

Release Date: July 22nd, 2014
Summary from GoodReads:

A woman who worries about carrying a .38 special in her purse, nearly drowns in a desert canyon, flies into the war in Bosnia, dances with the FBI, tells Geraldo he shouldn’t put guests in hotel rooms with rats and spends time with murderers, has more than a few stories to tell.

Gravel on the Side of the Road-True Stories From a Broad Who Has Been There is a daring and revealing adventure itself.

Beloved novelist Kris Radish returns to her non-fiction beginnings with her first, but not last, book of autobiographical essays. Her writing career has spanned four decades and has included award winning newspaper work, magazine features, a national syndicated column, eleven books and enough stories and adventures to fill up many more.

Radish’s talent for telling it like it is, sharing the wit and wisdom of a life lived mostly on her own terms and her keen sense of humor are highlighted in these stories- some of them old- some of them new, but all of them a glimpse into worlds many never dare to enter. This author always lives in a world where nothing is sacred but the sweet emotions of the heart.

Kris is definitely a broad who has been there.

"My job as a newspaper reporter took me everywhere, at any tie, almost all the time. I was always on call, always ready for the next tragedy - or so I thought." - pg. 11

My Take:
Let me just begin by saying that I rarely pick up an autobiography or like a memoir-ish style books. But I really want to thank BookSparks for introducing this book to me and for letting me review it. It was great!!!

I loved the way that is was written. I loved Kris Radish's voice and tone, and I want to meet her. Her stories were amazing. They were funny, they were sad, they were unbelievable. I really enjoyed glimpsing into her life.

This book is a collection of stories and experiences that Kris Radish has lived through, throughout her life as a journalist and traveler. She tells stories that cover a huge range of topics. It definitely kept me wanting to continue reading and learning about all the experiences that she had.

Once I finished the book, my first thought was "This lady is bad-ass." Like I mentioned I don't read much, but I really enjoyed reading through this collection of essays. If want to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of the life of a journalist, or of a woman who has definitely "been there" this is a book for you.

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