Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello August!!!!

Summer is almost over!!! Gahh where did the days go!! 
Here is my recap for June and July!!

Row 1: I got to meet Emily Giffin at her book signing, and got to also meet Colin Egglesfield. :) I did a little redecorating in my room, which I loved doing!! :) 
Row 2: I still can't get enough of my cute little niece, she is getting so big. :/ And I finally started reading The Fault in Our Stars, thanks to blogger friend Emily Finta, through a  book swap. :) 
Row 3: Got to go see one of my favorite Bachata artist, Romeo Santos in concert with my besties at the Staples Center!!
Row 4: Took a family trip to Vegas which was fun!!! Had my one month anniversary at my new job in July. It's still crazy at work, but I enjoy it. 

June and July were busy and a lot of fun. I hope August is the same!!!

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 - I'm looking forward to another month at my job. I'm excited about it!!
 - and hanging out with my co-workers. 
- The company I work for is having a Company wide Summer Party, which they say is pretty fun.
- This month I'm also looking forward to my cousin's baby shower. 
- And my little nieces' baptism. 
- I hope that me and my friends plan another trip together for this month. 
- I'm looking for more warm days. The sunsets have been gorgeous. 
- I'm also looking forward to beach days. 
- Now that my cousin got her new place in San Diego, I'm looking forward to visiting her. 

What are you excited the most about August?
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  1. Here's to a good August! Its the best month of the year!!!

  2. I'm ready for August to be over and ready for the hot weather to move on out of here. I'm ready for the fall. Pretty colors of the leaves, halloween, halloween movies esp Michael Myers ones, pumpkins, candles and so much more.


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