Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spontaneous Decisions become Awesome Adventures

motto for the summer!!

Yesterday Deb decided that she wanted to go to Santa Cruz. I guess it's not all that spontaneous because she wanted to go see her family. They were there because her sister just got in to UC Santa Cruz and it was her orientation and the family came up. Deb wanted to see them.

So with our handy dandy..... ZIP CAR membership we were able to rent the zip car and.......headed into the sunset or rather the mountains!!

I've been to Santa Cruz before once on a college trip from High School, it was raining that day, I thought it was pretty but didn't like the rain and the forest together. Then we came when we dropped off my brother at college. And then now, and I must say it is beautiful. 

We went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Deb's mom and sisters. We parted ways for a bit and went to hang out with the brother. I hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks but it was good seeing him. We went to go eat some yummy burgers, he had a bear ( I forgot that he is already 21!!) and just talked. You know how brothers are growing up, and my brothers are not an exception, they used to tease me and stuff so although our relationship is not bad it is not perfect either. But it was fun seeing him and just talking about school and what we are going to do after school... Blargh.. and also his obsession with BATMAN (which I want to go see by the way).

After we ate, he had to go back home since he had do some readings and met back up with Deb and her family and got on all these rides!! There was a lot of people the lines were long. And although some of the rides looked pretty tamed from the ground once we were on them were pretty scary. hehe

MORAL of the story: I had a blast with the BFF!!! The road trip back home was fun, just talking about stuff, and making our own special dream guy taking different things and body parts from different hotties!!! I must say our dream guys are fucking HOT!!! ;)

Cheers to Spontaneity and more Summer Adventures!!! 

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