Saturday, July 14, 2012

City Life!!!

Yesterday my friends and I took a trip to SF. I don't think I have been in the city in a long time, but it was awesome.

Our journey obviously started at Berkeley Bart taking us into the city where we stopped at the Civic Center Bart in SF. Being in Berkeley for 4 years I think I know my way around the Bart at least the Bart stops in the East Bay, and when it comes to the City, well just the Powell Bart, the only stop you need to know to get to the Westfield Mall. But besides that, haven't taken much public transportation to the City, I know pretty lame right?

Our goal was to end up at the Golden Gate Park to attend the Academy of Sciences, and in order to get from the Civic Center to Golden Gate Park we had to take Muni. So to the Muni Station we went!!!! And of course, we weren't quite sure what direction to take, Steph and Deb knew we had to take the N Judah line, but they were convinced that it was the inbound train, so we looked at the map of the city of all the different lines, and finally figured out that it was the outbound train going to Ocean Beach, the Muni that we just happened to miss. FAIL!!! lol. We were trying to look like we were Bay Area/San Francisco natives, except that that pretty  much people saw us as tourists.. lol. We finally got on the Muni, which just like the Bart we were packed like SARDINES, it was ridiculous, like unbelievably packed and hot in there. I propose, I'm not sure what to propose, but ridic!!! :D

At this point its like about 6:30ish. We are starving so we get off the Muni at our stop on 9th Ave and Irving St. It's windy!! I look around, and I fall in love with this place. There are coffee shops, restaurants, bars here and there, and BOUTIQUES!!! Oh man, its so cute. I WANT TO LIVE in a place like this!!!

We walk a couple blocks into the Golden Gate Park and we arrive at the Academy of Sciences. The first thing we see is the bar!!! woo!! We get in line and get a drink. Nightlife is this event that the Academy does every Thursdays for the 21+ crowd, with bars in different levels, DJs and music, and the exhibits are open for us to explore. The crowd is diverse, older people, people in their 30s, and college kids. Its fun overall. We explore the Aquarium, and all the different life that exist in the oceans, and yes we found Dori, from Finding Nemo. hehehe.. We go into the Earthquake exhibit, and learn about plate tectonics, and how the continents moved. And we go into a simulated earthquake exhibit showcasing the San Francisco earthquakes of 1906 and 1989. I thought that the earthquakes that I have felt in my lifetime were scary, get awoken by them in the middle of the night, or during class, but those Earthquakes were much more scary.

Anyway, had lots of funsies, but let me go back to the City Life!!! I was telling Deb that I have always wanted to live in a city, and I do hope that after I graduate, get a job and get ready to settle into my own life,  that I really move into a city. Not that I have experienced many city environment, probably just San Francisco and LA, I love how it feels. Seeing the big buildings, the traffic of cars and people, ahhh!! The city needs and offers different things than a College Town like Berkeley, or a suburb area in SoCal does!!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I see myself living in a city, or two in my future, and honestly I can't wait!! What city is that, you may ask? I really don't know, but NYC, LA, SF, ATL are some that are very tempting!!! :)
This is the kind of lifestyle I want to live!!! Picture from pinterest

EXCITED for what life has in store for me!!!

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