Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Change in 2014 {The Girl Between the Lines}

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This Week: What is one thing you will do differently in 2014? Why do you want to change that one thing? 

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!!! I hope you have all started off 2014 surrounded by the people you love. I can't believe that 2013 passed us by, and that 2014 is here already. 2013 had its downs, tough times, and some tears, but the ups, the smiles, and the good times have overshadowed all of them. 2013 was good, but I want 2014 to be even better. 

I just turned 24 last week, so I want 2014 to be the year where I can start accomplishing some of the goals and dreams that I still haven't completed. In order for this to happen, I need to start putting myself out there, more. I'm a little shy, and although I feel like taken a huge step forward since like my high school years, there is still time for improvement. 

So this 2014: 

  •  I vow to myself to put myself out there in the world. 
  • I vow to be even more determine in myself when looking for jobs and figuring out what career path to take. 
  • I vow to be more open to new ideas, new nights out and even nights in. 
  • I vow to be more out there when it comes to dating. 
  • I vow to be more open within my friendships. 
  • I vow to not be too stressed if something didn't happen the way I wanted it to or when I planned to. 
  • I vow to always be filled with love and happiness towards my friends and family, and to myself.
  • I vow to be more confident in myself, as a person and as a blogger. 
  • I vow to be more open to myself and my followers, and to become a better blogger.
  • I vow to not worry to much about financial issues, so that they won't stop me from enjoying life.
  • I vow to try new things, go to new places. 
  • I vow to be more spontaneous.
  •  and finally I vow to have as much fun as possible!!

Goodbye 2013!!! Bring it on 2014!!! 

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  1. Great ideas. I am pretty shy and quiet as well. I think that you should attempt to make short conversations with people you do not know. I know this is hard but its a simple way to try to be more confident. And the best thing is you never have to see that person again or it could be the best way to meet someone new. Now I have never done this before but it is something I would be open to trying. Good luck!

  2. I feel the same way! One of my new years resolution is to be more adventurous and take more risks, be more open and less shy.

  3. Great ideas. and with me being 30 I so need to me up with a list. and not letting the little things get to me would be one. and not letting stress almost kill me. and not letting the devil win even though he tries to so hard. happy belated birthday. i'm sure i never told you. havent been on blog daily.

  4. Thank you for the tip Brittany!! :) You're right. I would like to think that I am very friendly and can carry a conversation, but it is that first introduction that I'm always nervous about hehe.. but I will def try talking to new people more. . :)
    Thanks for visiting. :)

  5. Yay!!! We think alike. :) Thank you for visiting Ileana!! :)
    Here's to be more adventurous!!! Good Luck and Happy New Year!! :)

  6. Thank you Laney!! Yes, we definitely need to get away from stress, i hate hate hate it when I'm stressed!!!
    Good luck, hun!!! Happy New Year!! :)

  7. I'm stressing now and when I stress I doubt things. not sure if its the devil stirring me away from good or what. bout to make a major vent on blog so you should check it out when its up.

  8. This is a great list of goals. I especially like that you are going to try to be more bold and "put yourself out there" more. That can be so difficult sometimes! Good luck with your goals and thanks for linking up!

  9. Thank you Hayley. I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm going to try. :)

  10. You've got some great goals, and it seems like the theme is being true to yourself and taking risks... that is awesome!! Thanks for linking up and putting yourself out there :) Can't wait to see you accomplish these goals!

  11. Thank you, Lauren!! I'm having fun linking up with you girls. :)


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