Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why I love HB!!

About a year or two ago, I read an article written about Hannah Brencher. I'm not sure where I read it, but I do remember feeling goosebumps when I read the story about her movement. I stalked her on her website moreloveletters.com and then on her blog. After reading some of her articles I fell in love with her, her story, her movement and her writing. 

I don't know, there is something about her writing, that  makes me think "wow, are you a mind reader?" and "this is how exactly how I feel" and "oh my gosh, I just goosebumps." 

Recently it was this article that made me have goosebumps: 
"I know close to nothing. But I believe in these things" 
I have to know where I am going. I have to know what will happen next. I have to know the direction. The 5-year plan. The next left-hand turn. The Big What’s Next. 
I’m 25. I know close to nothing. But I believe in these things. - Hannah Brencher

When Hannah was in college she suffered through depression, one of the things that she looked forward in her darkest times where the hand written letters from her mom. After moving to New York she decided to write love letters and leave them throughout the city, at coffee shops, in the subway, anywhere, so that I stranger can find it and hoping that her letters would help them. Later her movement grew, thousands of love letters are left for strangers on a daily basis. Read more about More Love Letters at moreloveletters.com

How cool right? How awesome would it be to find one of these letters at the library, or the bus, or the coffee shop, and read the words of a stranger that would touch you to the bottom of your soul? In my last year of college I wrote a couple of love letters, and left them throughout campus. Writing those few lines of encouragement felt good. 

 Anyways back to Hannah. I love her for her amazing writing talent. I love that she is brave enough to write whatever she has in her heart. I love that her stories are somehow my, and everyone's stories. I love that she had a dream and she made it happen. I just love her. lol. 

Read Hannah's blog!
Some of my many faves: 
You really should stay thick with wanting to change the world. Because you’re golden that way.

Oh, not a day goes by where she does not think of you first.

When 60 days could change your life.

Your daddy is no Rumpelstiltskin and I’ve not got the Bones of Betsy Ross.

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  1. Cool! I kind of did the same as you. I left encouraging letters at different places. One I left at Walmart.

  2. Thank you so much for introducing me to Hannah and her blog. I read a backlog of her posts the other morning over coffee and they are so earnest and inspirational.

  3. I love the way she writes.. It's captivating and inspirational. And yeah you can tell it comes from her heart!! :)
    I loved that you loved her blog too.
    Thanks for visiting. :)


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