Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I wish for.. Confidence {The Girl Between The Lines}

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This week: Tell us about a trait you look up to or admire in someone in your life and why!

I'm surrounded by so many strong, amazing women in my life. One of the things that they have in common and one of the many reasons why I admire them is because they radiate CONFIDENCE

Confidence - myfairytaleeverafter

I thought about showcasing one of them, but I just couldn't pick. I look up to my mom, my grandmothers, my cousins, my friends, because they are determined, they are passionate, and they are confident in themselves, their life, their jobs, their families, and their passions in life. 

 Although they might have their off days, and sometimes things don't go the wall they planned to, but I could just tell that they will always get through it. I'm so proud of every single of them, and I admire them because they never give it. I admire because they believe in themselves, and they make things happen.  I admire them because when someone says they can't do it, they prove them wrong. I admire them because they make their dreams come true, no matter the bumpy roads. I admire them because they choose to shine. I admire them because they are confident in what they wear, in the skin they are in, in the choices they make, and in who they have become
Choose to Shine - soitsbeensaid.tumblr

I hope that by being surrounded by these amazing women, some of their confidence sprinkles on to me. I love you ladies, thank you for allowing me to see what confidence looks like!! Please never let anyone bring down your confidence or your dreams. 

What do you admire most about your loved ones?
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  1. I struggle with confidence, it something I need to work on!

  2. That's a great word. I struggle with confidence as well. Sometimes I don't want to be too confident because then it comes off as being stuck up. I think I admire my family members for being strong.

  3. I, too, wish I had more confidence. It sounds like you have some amazing family members!

  4. gahh, i know!! but you are amazing, girl!!! :) <3 and I look up to you, blogger friend!! :)

  5. i know what you mean. But there are people who are stuck up/cocky and people who have classy confidence, sometimes the line between both is close. lol.
    Strength is an amazing trait to have, most times I need it. :)

  6. i know, confidence is so tricky!! But we will get there. :)
    Thanks for stopping by, doll!! :)

  7. I admire confidence, too. It takes a lot to be so sure of who you are!! Thanks for sharing your heart today, Adri! And for linking up! ;)


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