Saturday, September 6, 2014

Currently... {Blogtember}

Happy Saturday!!! Yay!!!
Today's Prompt:
A "currently..." post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.

 .... reading Mating for Life by Marissa Stapley, just about 10 pages.
.... watching Life as We Know, it is one of the cutest movies ever.
.... trying to finish doing laundry today
.... eating a homemade egg and sausage sandwich. yumm!!
.... pinning fall clothes to add to my wardrobe
.... tweeting not much lately. :(
.... going to my favorite place later; Barnes n Noble!!! Do I need new books I still might buy one. Just one.
.... loving the weekends. Time to relax
.... discovering new blogs through this link-up!! I love it!!
.... enjoying this Saturday morning still in bed.
.... thinking that I should get up from bed already.
.... feeling happy.
.... listening to Sam Smith <3 p="">
.... thanking God for everything.
.... starting to feel less stress about life. :)

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