Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Trends {Blog-tember Challenge)

Hi lovelies!!! It's finally Thursday and the weekend is just around the corner!!! Yay!!! :) 
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Today's prompt:
Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

My favorite this year was DARK LIPS!!! I think they look amazing!!!!So bold, and so confident, so different. I love it!! I hope that the dark lips continue. :) Because I will not stop.  
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This was my attempt at wearing dark lips. I'm wearing NYC in Mahagony. 

One of the trends that I do not understand is rainbow colored hair. Think Katy Perry, and the above picture of Kylie Jenner. Okay, I can let Kylie pass, she is still a teenager, experimenting with her hair having fun etc. But Katy Perry and older people, dyeing their hair ridiculous colors, I just don't understand. 

What do you think?? A fan of Dark Lips? Would you ever dye your hair green? 
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  1. woo.. dark lips are sexy.. I bought a new dark purple lippie too.. but had no event to wear to.. lol


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