Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Weekend in San Diego

 This past weekend my girls and I took a trip to San Diego. The Gaslamp Quarter. We have realized that keeping in touch with each other despite all our busy lives is important. Since we all live in different parts of California, we also realized that we will make any excuse to see each other. 
Our annual trips started our Senior Year (2 years ago), the last semester that we would be together. We went to Cabo for Spring Break and it was fun. Last year we went to Vegas for Deb's birthday. And this year we went to San Diego for Brenda and Gina's birthday. 
Although this trip was only a 24 hour trip, it was a blast. My friend Brenda one of the birthday girls had everything planned. I think I might hire her to be my travel agent. hehe. 
The weather was not the best, it was overcast the whole weekend and it rained super hard. Brenda's car got there first, and they went to eat lunch while the second car arrived. Once we did, we went straight to the liquor store. And started off with some mimosas. excuse the lack of pictures we were having too much of a good time to take any. :/
At 6:30, the boys (Brenda's friends) stayed behind, and the girls went to dinner. At this very fancy steakhouse, with $50 plates.. eeekk. Must I remind you, we are I am on a budget, $50 plate was not on my budget. But we ended up staying, we only eat out like this once in a blue moon. I still choose a chicken plate for $25, that was delicious, juicy and stuffed with cheese. Best chicken I've tasted. :)
Deb, Brenda the Birthday Girl, and Steph
Gina the Birthday Girl, and me. 
After the deliciously expensive dinner and wine, we went back to our hotel room, literally next door to the restaurant and we started to get ready to go out. We pregamed to make sure we didn't spend too much money as we bar hopped. We took a taxi to the Gaslamp Quarter, the streets were lined up with bars and clubs lots of people on the street. The chilly/rainy weather didn't stop us or other people from going out. The streets were packed with people.
We started the night off dancing at the Tipsy Crow. Which reminded us too much off the parties we went to in college. We weren't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But we had fun.
After about 15 minutes of walking and my feet hurting, we finally made it to our second stop. McFadden's. It took me and my friend about 10 minutes to get a drink, so the service wasn't that great. But we got over it and started dancing. 
If you are taking a trip to San Diego, and would like to have a great time dancing I would  highly recommend the Gaslamp Quarter. In every street there are clubs and bar to visit. We paid a cover charge at Tipping Crow $5 and that was it. The drinks weren't to expensive. And over all, we all had a great time. I wish we could've explore the Quarter during the day, but we had like limited time. lol.. 
Have you ever been to the Gaslamp Quarter? What did you think?
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  1. You beotch! Didn't take me?! ;p
    Looks like tons of fun!! That last picture is seriously perfect. c:


  2. heheheh.. ill make sure to take you in my suitcase next time. :)
    it was fun. :)

  3. thanks girly!!! we had a blast!!! and it is great, if we don't see each other the whole, I look forward to planning our trips :)

  4. really!!! YAY!!! I had lots of fun, and I know you all will too!! I got an awesome vibe from it, I wish I could've stayed longer!!! :)
    We went to The Tipsy Crow, McFadden's and Maloney's and they were all fun.
    Had fun, love!! :)


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