Monday, March 3, 2014

The place I call home.. Cali {Ten Favorite Things}

Is it Monday already? Take me back to San Diego please. :) 
But it's the first Monday of the Month which means it's time for Ten Favorite Things link up with Brianna

This month's topic is the place you call home. Whether it be the country, state, city or home you live in, make sure you go link up with Brianna. :) 

California. I'm picking the State of California, because although I grew up in SoCal my whole life, living in North California while in college was amazing. 

the weather, especially in SoCal. Sun pretty much year long. I love it!! 
And when it gets cold or starts sprinkling we freak out aka the 50 degree weather. WE LOVE OUR SUNNY DAYS

we have all types of environments. We have beaches. We have mountains (where it snows). We have deserts. We have beautiful green forests. We have farms. We have cities and suburbs.

diversity. I love it. I went to a high school where it was pretty diverse, there was different kinds of people. I got to learn about different cultures. 

sports. California has so many professional teams. 5 baseball teams, 4 basketball teams, 3 football teams,  3 hockey teams,  3 soccer teams plus the WNBA team. How awesome is that. I've been to 7 out of 14 stadiums. 

Although I love the sun. The rainy days especially in Northern California are amazing. Over there everything is so green.

Berkeley. My alma mater. My school. Where I graduated from. Some of the best years of my life. Top Public University in the nation. Yep.

I think going back to the diversity, we also get a huge range of delicious food. There are so many authentic diverse food. 

Cities!! I love L.A, shopped in S.F and partied in S.D. I'm a huge fanatic of cities, the tall buildings, the people, and I love the cities that I've been to here. 

History and Culture. In other words lots of touristy places to go. Missions, beaches, hikes, National Parks, Mountains, Golden Gate Bridge.

My family. I love that my family is here in California. I think if I were to live by myself somewhere else. I would totally be lost. hehe. 

What are your favorite things about the place you call home?
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  1. I love the sunset pics. :D awesome. sounds like Cali has lots of things.

    Would love for you to come join and send your friends.

  2. Lucky you, you're in Cali where it's sunny and warm. I'm on the other side. The wintry and cold East coast where I'm stuck at home contemplating my life. lol :)

  3. Love Cali, although I haven't visited anywhere else. lol.. I want to visit every state sometime in my life. :)
    Love blog hops, i love seeing new blogs.. thanks hun, heading over to yours. :)

  4. hehehe.. sometimes I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed.. lol.. :)
    it rained for 4 days straight here.. hahah., such a big deal.. I love the rain!!
    stay warm hun, and drink sometime warm for me, and I'll make sure to enjoy some Cali sun for you. :)
    Thanks for visiting. :)

  5. I love California too! I've only been to Northern California once and I loved it! The diversity is one of the reasons Im staying in Cali. I think its amazing growing up with so much diversity and I want that for my future children. The authentic food here is the best! I agree with everything you listed!!! I need to spend some time in San Diego! I've only been to Sea World and a Chargers game. lol.

  6. I would love to visit California...looks so beautiful!

  7. Ahhh California. I have recently decided I want to move there. Especially for all the reasons you mentioned!!

  8. hahaha.. Gahhh Detroit is on my top places to visit.. :)
    Gosh over here in Cali we had a major freak when the weather dropped to the 40s.. gossh.. #caliprobs
    Keep warm, hun.. :)

  9. YAY for Cali people. We are the best. hehe.. ;)
    Diversity is definitely on of my favorite perks living here in California, especially SoCal. When I went to Berkeley, it was such a culture shock for me.. but I think I was prepared anyways to encounter different cultures and people.

  10. you definitely should. There are lots of beautiful places. :)
    Where are you from?
    thanks for stopping by hun. :)

  11. hehehe.. I might be a lil bit biased (since its the only state I've lived in) but its pretty awesome here... lol.. jk!!
    That's great.. :) :)

  12. yes, yes yes, yes, and yes! UGH I miss California..I'm coming to visit! Thanks for linking up:) I hope youre doing well love!

  13. Thanks hun!!! You always come up with the coolest themes!! :)
    come visit!!! hehe. :)
    I'm doing good, girly. How about you? Hope school is going awesome. :)


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