Monday, March 31, 2014

Life lately.. ready to get back to normal.

Hey everyone!!! Life has been so busy these last couple of weeks. I've mentioned on numerous times that I I have been feeling very antsy about what career path to take in the last year. I have been  going back and forth between deciding to go back to school for my masters, or doing something else (still don't know what something else is.. hehe). And if I do want to go back to school, should I stay close to home or should I take a risk and explore somewhere different? 

In December I realized that maybe I should go back to school. So I signed up to take the GRE, a standardized test required for admissions to graduate school. Some people study months in advance before signing up for the test. When February came I was freaking out because I thought the practice tests were difficult and I was just overwhelmed. 

I was so overwhelmed that two weeks ago I finally had a mental breakdown. The practice test from the multiple books I checked out from the library where hard, there were words I had no idea what they meant, and math rules and formulas I had long forgotten. I was running out of time. 

But my mom came to the rescue, like she always does. She calmed me down. She has always told me that stressing about something is only going to make it that much harder to complete it. She put things in perspective. I'm over here freaking out about some test, while my grandma has become weaker she's fallen multiple times, or the mother of a good friend of her's was diagnosed with cancer. She told there are so many other things more important to be stressing about or worrying about or crying about then some test.

Although this test can potentially pave the path for my life and a career, I knew she was right. I calmed down, kept on studying, and kept on reminding myself to try my best. 

 I took the test this last Friday. It was hard. I wished I had more time to study and to be prepared. But I'm glad its over now, and if my scores weren't that great, I know that I can always take it over. 

So thank you to my family and friends who were supportive these past couple of months especially these last weeks and days. :) Now I'm excited to be back to my normal self without the stress of some test. Ready to hang out with my friends again and to get back to blogging. :)  

Life Lesson: Don't stress about the little things. Be grateful for what God has given you. And try the best at everything you do. 
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  1. I'm sure you did fine on the test. Glad your mom came to the rescue!
    Sometimes we all need somebody to give us a reality check.
    Moms are good at doing so. c:
    Enjoy the time now that you no longer have to cram yourself in books!! :D


  2. Thanks girly!!! :) Crossing my fingers that it went okay.. :)
    Moms are the best..
    I've been away from blogspehere too long.. lol.. excited to catch up on your blog! :)

  3. Gahhh.. Hopefully I did okay..
    I know there are some programs that don't require it, but I still not 100% set on one.. I'm still all over the place.. And I felt like taking it would be beneficial.. except I didn't realize how hard it would be.. lol..

    Thanks hun, for visiting.. Can't wait to catch up on your blog, I've been out of it lately. :)


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