Friday, March 14, 2014

Tiered Plate Stand {D.I.Y}

 Happy Friday everyone!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. 
Okay now to the D.I.Y, I saw this amazing Etsy Shop that sells beautiful Vintage Cake Stands made out of vintage tea cups and china plates. Head over to TeaTime Creations. Although I've been eyeing some of their cake stands I decided to make my own. It isn't as beautiful as theirs, but I love it. :) 

- Plates (I got mine at Target for like $2) Dollar and Thrift Store one work too.
- Candle Holder (got mine at Target too)
- Hot Glue Gun

This was super easy to make it probably take you like 5 minutes. First, let's start by making sure we have the center of the bottom plate by drawing a tiny "x" this is where the candlestick holder will be going. 

We will be gluing our top plate first, so turn the top plate over and apply the hot glue to the top of the candlestick holder and glue it to the plate. 

Next we will glue our bottom of the candlestick holder to the bottom plate, right over the little "x". And that is it!!!! SUPER EASY, RIGHT? You can add decorative ribbon, or marbles to the bottom of the candlestick holder, or just leave it. 

Now you have a pretty Plate Stand you can add as many tiers as you want. You can use it to serve yummy treats, like cupcakes, cakes. Or you can use it as a Jewelry Stand or like me a Nail Polish Stand

What are you up to this weekend? 
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  1. What an awesome idea? we are having a fish fry tonite. my family and bro's gf. bless our hearts is all i'm gonna say. other than that not sure. hoping it's pretty and we can get out. other than that in a bit i'm bout to sort bands and make more bracelets. :D Want one? lol

  2. Oh snap this is awesome!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. You are the queen of DIY I swear! Love this idea!


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