Thursday, April 3, 2014

California, the 5 things I want to do

Today's A - Z Letter is C: C is for .... California. 
A couple of days ago, I read that my blogger friend Gina over at Gina's Agenda will be starting a SoCal Travel Guide. I got so excited. I've lived here in California my whole life and I love it. But I never have done really big touristy things, or really explore much of my State. So hopefully Gina's Travel Guide will get me to visit new places, so I can't wait. 
But for now, here are my Top 5 Touristy Things I would love to do in California. 

Visit the National Parks. Redwood National Park, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park. the oldest tallest and biggest tree live here. I want to get lost, but not literally, in the nature. 
Venice Beach. I've never been to Venice Beach. I have always wanted to stroll down the boardwalk, and see all the different vendors and people watch.
{source: Travels with L}
Runyon Canyon. One of the famous hike trails in L.A, you can spot celebrities working out here.. You can see amazing views from the top of the mountain. I've been dying to go hiking here, a visit is soon to be made. 
{Source: Friends of Runyon Canyon}

Napa Valley. The land of wine. I've been wine tasting in Napa once, but I would love to go again. 
{Source: Inside the Cellar}
Griffith Observatory. Where you can see more of L.A without the smog. You can see the stars from up there. I've always wanted to go. 
{Source: All that is interesting
Any California blogger friends up for an Adventure? Have you ever visited California, what is your favorite thing to do here or wish you could do?
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  1. That photo of Napa Valley is stunning! I have a brother who lives in San Diego He keeps telling us to come out and visit. We live in Pennsylvania. CA is on my bucket list. Good post Adri :-) Enjoy the A to Z :-)

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I just figured out how Im going to post with order. I have so much I want to write about! Love your list. The views from the Griffith Observatory are beautiful (and parking is free. lol.)!

  3. I've visited California a few times. Venice beach is a good time. So many weird and crazy people there. But whatever you do. Don't get a tattoo there. I've heard bad stories.

  4. I have visited 2,3 and 4 especially Napa Valley. Great images fun post Happy to connect from #a2zchallenge

  5. I live in California and haven't done some of these things... it's sad I know. I love Venice Beach. I will be in that area this weekend and can't wait to go walk around! Napa would be a good girls weekend trip!!

  6. Thanks Teresa!! There are so many amazing things to do here, (i'm pretty sure everywhere) and I have yet to do them.. hehe.. I took a weekend trip to San Diego last month, it was so much fun!! :)
    You should totally come visit!!! :)
    Thanks for stopping by hun!! :)

  7. Gahhh.. I know I'm all over the place too.. Can't wait to see what you come up for your blog!!
    I must visit, I've always wanted to go to the Observatory since I was young. :)
    Thanks for stopping by, hun. :)

  8. oooohhh gosh, I don't think I would ever think about getting a tattoo there, I can just picture everything that can go wrong.. lol I heard it has crazy and weird people.. lol. I think that's what makes it special though.. lol.
    Thanks for stopping by, hun. :)

  9. I've been to Napa once, but I want to go again!!! It was so much fun and so beautiful . :)
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  10. Right, I'm on the same boat. I feel like I haven't explored by own state!! heheh..
    How fun!!! I hope you have an amazing time in Venice. :) Let me know what are THE places to eat or shop.. I must plan a day trip to there..
    Thanks for visiting, Sarah :)

  11. You've got some wonderful looking places on your list, hopefully you get a chance to visit them all soon.


  12. Napa is Great... might be there this summer

  13. Great bucket list. I've never done Runyon Canyon. I keep finding more things in California that I want to do (or do again).
    Happy A to Zing


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