Thursday, June 5, 2014

Necklace Display {D.I.Y}

Gahhh I haven't done a D.I.Y in such a long time. I'm sorry ya'll!! :/  But here is my latest creation. A Necklace Display, using Shoe box lids. We all love necklaces, and if you are anything like me, you have your necklaces all over the place and all tangled up. I needed something to hang my necklaces in a neatly way. I found this pin like a couple months ago, and decided to try it. Trust me super easy and inexpensive. 
- Shoe box lid (any size)
- Fabric (any kind you want) I used the Fabric Quarters they sell at Joann's for like $1 - $2
- Mod Podge glue or any adhesive to glue the fabric down
- Scissors
-Tissue Paper (optional - I used tissue paper before I glued the fabric down, because my lids had bright colors and the fabric was kind of see-through)
- Nails
  • If you need to cover the bright colors of the lids, glue tissue paper that is a similar color  of the fabric you are using. 
  • Next, measure the fabric to the lid, making sure you have extra fabric on the sides to be able to fold it over inside the lid. 
  • Make a diagonal cut on the corners of the fabric, so that the corners will be easier to glue. 
  • Apply some mod podge to the side of the lid, one side at a time,  and wrap the fabric to the inside of the lid. Do the same with all four sides. 
  • Once the glue is finished drying, attach the lid to the wall using the nails. 
  • Once the lid is in your desired postion begin adding your jewelry using thumbtacks, make sure you dsitribute the weight of your jewelry evenly. We don't want it to fall off. :) 
And there you are done, wooo!! Who doesn't love some jewelry organization. :) 

How do you display your jewelry?

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  1. I need to make several of these for all the jewelry I've been getting lately.


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