Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paint Sample Calendar {DIY}

Hi loves, I haven't done a D.I.Y in a while so here is one. 

I love calendars, and when I saw something similar on pinterest a couple of months back I knew I wanted to make it. And so here it is. my Calender made out of paint samples!! :)

- Picture frame (I found mine in my mom's closet)
- Paint Samples (any color, and enough too cover your frame and enough for the days of the month)
- Tape or Glue
- White paper
- Dry erase markers.

- Trim your paint samples to the desired shape, be sure to that you are able to fit 7 paint samples from left to right for the days of the week.
- After you have the desired length and design of your paint samples, glue or tape the paint samples on to the white paper. 
- Place you white paper with your calendar inside you frame, and add the days of the week, and the month with your dry erase markers. 

What do you think of my project?
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