Monday, July 28, 2014

3 pictures!!

I'm back with Everyday in July Blogging Challenge. I haven't been very good at it, which I'm sad about, because these ladies had fun and cool prompts. Click here for all the ladies prompts.

Today's prompt is:  3 pictures 
1 of anything, 1 you took and 1 selfie.

The picture I always look for motivation, that one day I hope to travel to Santorini, Greece. {source}

My tattoo and my reminder to love myself and offer love to everyone every single day!!

I'm bad at selfies!!! 

What are your favorite three pictures?
 photo signature2-1.jpg


  1. thanks love!!! miss you on the blog-world

  2. I changed things so now you should be able to check things out. i miss you too girl. we need to catch up big time. text me or email me. check your fb email

  3. I love your tattoo and the pic of you! You're not bad at selfies at all!

  4. i've now went to private invite only due to more hate girl. got to love it huh? but someone has worked their ass off to get me off the net

  5. well come check me out girl.

  6. I love your tattoo! And that was a great selfie in my book :)

  7. Thank you Krystal!!! :) <3 <3
    I'm want to get another one, but don't know what yet.. hehe


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