Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One of my embarrassing moments...

Hi! Okay so here is my second prompt for the Blog Everyday in July challenge. 


Today's prompt is: The Most Embarrassing Story

Gahh I have my share of embarrassing moments. I hadn't realize how clumsy I really am. But one of the moments that will always stick in my mind is the one time where I was left on the platform when catching the subway. 

Me and my friend were on our way to San Francisco from Berkeley, for one of her college class trips. We were running a little late, but we figured that we would have time to catch the next subway trip heading to the city. But as we were walking down to the platform we realized that there was a train was already there, so we ran down the stairs and as people were getting out from the train I lost my friend. She ended up getting on the train right before the doors closed, and I was left on the platform. I was literally just standing there like dumbstrucked. And I heard some snickering. 

I just couldn't believe that I wasn't able to make it inside the train. My friend had to get off on the next station to wait for me, and we ended up missing her field trip. It was so embarrassing. I felt so bad for my friend, but we ended up going shopping instead. 

And my experience with BART (the subway) was never the same. hahah

What is your most embarrassing story?
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  1. the only thing i can remember is middle school when it was time to leave P.E. and we all ran up the stairs. Well I tripped and fell. happily noone saw me do that.

  2. This is not too bad i promise. Funny story but at least it ended with shopping!!

  3. My most embarrassing moment probably had to be when I was a junior in high school and I went to prom with a guy I knew who went to an all guys private school... During the jitterbug someone stepped on my strapless dress and the entire top came down giving the boys quite a show as I had decided to go braless that night... embarrassed was an understatement lol


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