Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bout of Books {Updates #2}

Here are some of my updates for Bout of Books. How is everyone else doing in the challenge?

What I've read today: Keeping the House by Ellen Baker  and Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan
Number of pages read today:  100 pages (49 of Keeping the House; 51 of Love and other Foreign Words)
Total number of books completed:  0
Total number of pages read: 100
Read-a-thon thoughts: Not the best day of reading today. I got called in to substitute today, so I didn't have much time to read during the day or the afternoon. I couldn't participate in the challenge or the Twitter chat, because of work. By the time I got to reading at night, by eyes were giving up on me and would not stay open. I'm hoping I have better luck tomorrow. 
Favorite quote:
"Now we have a hero in the family, he thinks. Strange, though: In his mind's eye, Chase is still ten years old. John simply cannot conjure a picture of him any older than that. Amazing thing to contemplate, a ten-year-old war hero." - Keeping the House page 156
Mini Challenges: 0 out of 1

What I've read today: Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan
Number of pages read today:  123 pages
Total number of books completed:  1 -{Love and Other Foreign Words}
Total number of pages read: 223 pages
Read-a-thon thoughts:  It was slightly better reading day today. A little bit better than yesterday but not the best. I did finish reading one of the book that I had started, woot. Look out for the review of Love and Other Foreign Words here on Friday. :) I also participated in a mini challenge, which was fun, it was coming up with a list of books we are looking forward to reading. And I also participated in a Twitter reading spring, in which we read non-stop for an hour. It was great, and got me into the reading mood. Hoping that I get more reading in tomorrow.  
Favorite Quote:
"So what is love..? It is a connection, almost like a private language between two people, or a invisible dance. It is an invincible force that binds us to one another and can never be broken. Stretched and tested, even worried over, but not temptrary, never fleeting, never broken..." - Love and Other Foreign Words page 305
Mini Challenges:  1 out of 2
Shannon over at River City Reading asked us to come up with a list of books we are looking forward to reading. I was able to bring it down to 10: here they are. 

1. The One and Only by Emily Giffin
2. The Fault in our Stars by John Green
3. Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
4.  Insurgent by Veronica Roth
5. Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler
6. Cure for the Common Break Up by Beth Kendrick
7.  Girls in white Dresses by Jennifer Close
8. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
9.  My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal
10. Tell the Wolves I'm home by Carol Rifka Brunt
What are you looking forward to reading?

What I've read today: Keeping the House by Ellen Baker
Number of pages read today: 46
Total number of books completed: 1
Total number of pages read: 269
Read-a-thon thoughts: Not a good day. I think I've been getting down on myself lately on not reading as much as I would like to. But I did see a Tweet from Bout of Books Twitter, that said, as long as you are reading you are winning. So I know I haven't had much time to read, but I should be happy that I got at least a bit of reading done. 
Favorite quote:
"'You will be his,' her mother has gone on, ' but he'll be his own, and the only way you really have anything is to have your children.'" - Keeping the House page 163
Mini Challenges: 1 out of 1
Anmiryam over at My Overstuffed Shelves asked us to think about the perfect pairing, whether it be another book, a movie, a drink, or whatever, that goes perfect with the book we are currently reading or one we have read before.  I choose to pair up Keeping the House with a cold lemonade. Today reminded me of a hot day that the ladies in the book described, and thought that a lemonade would be the drink of choice for them.

What I've read todayKeeping the House by Ellen Baker
Number of pages read today:  67
Total number of books completed: 1
Total number of pages read: 336
Read-a-thon thoughts: Today was a little better in reading. yay. Tomorrow I have work and not sure I'm I'll get any reading done during the day, but I will try. I'm hoping Saturday and Sunday will be the best days. I had fun participating in the mini challenge, I debated whether to spell out my whole name or just Adri. I decided the whole name and it was challenging. :) 
Favorite quote:
Mini Challenges: 1 out of 1
Kim over at Kimberlyfaye Reads challenged us to spell any word with different book titles. 

Are you participating in Bout of Books, how was your week been going? If you are not participating, what are you currently reading? 
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  1. I'm currently reading The One & Only and have Love & Other Foreign Words coming up on my list soon. I LOVED Beautiful Ruins! One of my favorite books I've read so far this year!

  2. You know Im an avid reader but I cant or rather wont read more than one book at a time! I dont know how you do it! Im gonna check those books out :)

  3. oooohh.. how is The One & Only, it is the next one of my pile. :)
    If you love funny, witty, quirky books, I think you will like Love & Other Foreign Words,
    are you you participating in the Booksparks Summer Reading challenge by any chance??
    thanks for visiting girly

  4. gahhh.. I try not to, because I sometimes get a lil stressed and distracted reading two at a time.. but I've just been putting finishing Keeping the House book off, its a good book, but I just get so distracted by new books. lol.
    thanks for visiting, Krystal


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