Monday, May 5, 2014

Traveling {Ten Favorite Things}

Happy Monday Everybody!!! :) I'm bringing you the Ten Favorite Things Link-up with Endlessly Beloved today. 


This month's topic is Traveling. Here are my Ten Favorite Things I love about traveling, who I love traveling with, why I love traveling and why I want to travel.

Seeing new places. I been to Mexico to my dad's town, and to Cabo, to Las Vegas, and to Palms Springs, but other than that I haven't see too many places. But just the idea of seeing new places is amazing. 

Pictures. I love taking pictures. And I enjoy looking back at the pictures and reminisce on the fun times we were able to capture. 

Food and Drink. I'm such a foodie, so trying new food that we usually don't have at home is always a must when traveling. 
Wine and Cheese at our Napa Trip
Friends. Traveling with friends is the best thing ever. You get to catch up, bond, do fun things, dress up, dress down, its like a big sleep over. 

Family. Family trips are also awesome. We, as a family, haven taken much trips other than Mexico, but those were always great. 

Memories. Stories and Experiences. Sometimes the pictures don't capture the whole experience of the trip, I love when we can get together and share some of the memories we shared during the trip. 

Cabo has been one of my favorite vacation so far. The water was clear, the sun was amazing. 

Roadtrips are also another one of my favorite ways to travel. Fun roadtrip games and music. Bonding time. Trying to keep each other awake.
road trip to Palm Springs, when it rained on us. 
Time away. Traveling is most times taken to get away from our daily routine, and for us to recharge ourselves with some relaxation. 

And finally the places I would like to Travel to, these places have been on my bucket list ever since I could remember. Santorini, Greece; Italy; Paris, France; Brazil; Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic; New York; Miami;
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What do you love most about traveling?
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  1. nightowlventingMay 5, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    I love taking pics too girl. and yes so far the book is good.

  2. Neatly-PackagedMay 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM

    Love this!! I love the food and different customs :) I lived in Germany for almost 2 years and wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Thank you for sharing! Feliz Cinco de Mayo :)

  3. I love taking photos as well but sometimes I am so in the moment I forget to even pull my camera out.

  4. Your list and mine are similar! And yes to all of these!

  5. I love road trips too! So many people don't like them, but I think the drive is part of the fun! Thank you for linking up! Hope you're doing well girl!

  6. Europe is definitely a must for you bucket list of places to visit! Hope you get to go on those adventures one day :) My favorite thing about traveling is watching the sunset from a new location!

  7. Ahhh road trips. There's something so satisfying about hitting the road and seeing where is will take you!
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  8. Eeeeek the road trip pic to Palm Springs, hope not all of your stuff got soaked!!!

  9. can't wait to begin reading it. Thank you. :)

  10. I agree, I'm such a foodie. I've only been out of the country a couple of times, but I still enjoying seeing the different cultures and customs..
    Ohhh wow Germany, must've been amazing.
    Thanks for visiting girly.

  11. me too.. but sometimes its a good thing, because then it means that we were in a moment rather than worrying about capturing on camera. :)
    Thanks for visiting girly. :)

  12. I love them too.. although I might fall asleep once in a while, but I love them... hehehe.. :)
    I'm doing good, hun. Hope you are doing good too. :)

  13. I hope I get to go to them too. Sometimes I think about it and life and money too much, that I'm scared I won't be able to go later on. I wish I could just pack a bag and leave somewhere. :)
    ahhh.. I never really thought about the sunsets. Thats amazing. :)
    Thanks for visiting.

  14. yes it is!!!! Love them.
    Thanks for visiting :)

  15. I know!!! we were so worried. but thankfully it was only about a 10 minute patch of rain, and our luggage did not get wet that much. :)
    Thanks for visiting. :)


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