Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!!

Omg y'all its Thursday!! And my last post was on Monday!! Sorry!! It won't happen again, promise!!

But two super exciting things happened yesterday!!! ahhh!!!

1) Pumpkin Patch!!! keep reading to find out!!
2) My Cara Box came all the way from Arizona, from the amazing, beautiful, young lady named Brianna from Endlessly Beloved. (stay tuned for tomorrow's reveal post)!!! 

Pumpkin Patch!! I think ever since I was little I secretly wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, pick out a pumpkin and carve it, we never had the chance to. I've been pestering everyone about going to pumpkin patch, but no one would listen until me and my cousin Vanessa and my cousin Daisy (the kiddies' momma), decided to plan a pumpkin patch field trip with our niece and nephew.

The patch was not that big. But they did have different activities for the kiddies. They had a petting zoo, with all kinds of animals. Sheep, a calf, goats, and even a llama. My nephew was so excited to feed the animals!!! My niece on the other hand was not. There was a small goat that somehow came out from the little animal pen, the goat was chilling walking around. Well, my niece was a little scared so she was just observing from afar, then she turns her head, and the wanderer goat is there. She starts screaming, scrambling everywhere, running away. She's 2, and the little goat was as tall as her, so I can see why she got scared, I think I would be scared too. I finally picked her up, and she didn't want us to put her down. My nephew was having a ball feeding the animals. When they saw the llama, they said it looked like Cuzco from The Emperor's last Groove, which I thought was cute. :)
Momma and kids!!
Then we went to the Face Painting area. I think they were pretty good on this one. She got Hello Kitty, he got Angry Birds.

The Pony Rides was next!!! And ooohh boy. They were both excited before they got on, jumping around!! My nephew was good, he was having fun in his little black horse. But my little niece was not having it. Her mom had to walk next to her holding her, because she was crying. Eventually she stopped crying and she even started smiling towards the end.

Everyone had a blast!! :)

Tomorrow stay tuned for my Cara Box reveal!! So exciting!!

Have you visited a pumpkin patch yet?

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