Friday, October 18, 2013

"I made this for you!"

After work or school, who doesn't like to come home to relax and de-stress. I love to!! I have a couple of things I like to do, catch up on TV shows, read amazing books, blog, listen to music. These are things I like to call "Me-Time." And I loved them, because I'm able to just relax.

I have recently just picked up a new hobby that I enjoy doing as much, although I might not be that great it.

Knitting/Crocheting. Two totally different things. Although I more of a crocheter, I'm on my way to learn how to knit.

I love making things!!! and I love giving things to people!! So this hobby joins two things I love!! Win, win!!

Check out my other blog Fab 5 Adventures to see what knitting and crocheting mean to me, and some of the things I have done.

I'm still learning. But here is the one of the projects I just finished. It's so cute and handy.

Check out the video that I learned from.

I also working on this chevron/wave baby blanket for my cousin's baby boy. I got this pattern from here.

Have you ever tried knitting or crocheting? What are you favorite patterns?

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  1. Make me one!! That is seriously SO darn cute! I've been wanting a coffee sweater forever. You just have to post a tutorial!!

  2. Kylie, for sure, I'll start working on it ;) they are so cool!!! and with this one you can also put in on your mug!! :) As I get better, I definitely will. :) also i think I posted the link to the video where I got it from. SUPER EASY!!
    Thanks for stopping by, hun


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