Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear milk,


Hi there. I finally decided to reconnect with you. You know, yummy, delicious, liquidy, white heaven you, you haven't been that nice to me in the last couple of years!! And I'm kinda mad that I have to buy a separate container of you, so you won't upset my tummy. That's why I haven't had a bowl or glass of you for so long.

But it wasn't always like this. I remember having a bowl of cereal with extra milk every morning before heading to school. And then for dinner, I'll have a glass of milk with some yummy chocolate chip cookies. On the weekends you were present with my plate of pancakes. Or when we were off to an early game of dad's or brother's games, I will grab a strawberry milk from the donut shop. And that mug of Chocolate Abuelita that mom and grandma made us during the winter, I can't even enjoy it to the fullest now.

You were always there to comfort me. When I couldn't sleep the remedy was always a glass of milk. When I was feeling sad, a glass of milk with a cookie, always made me feel better. Milk always made me happy.

All I ever wanted to do is love you, but all I got in return was an upset tummy.  But it's okay I'll still be coming back for more! I hope to enjoy you forever, even if it is in that special labeled carton.

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  1. A milk affair? I love fresh one ;)

  2. hahah... yes perfect way to describe it!! lol.. :) I think i've only tried fresh milk straight from the cow one time, when I was younger, i think it was good?? lol


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