Friday, October 4, 2013

Boutique Owner - My Ultimate Dream Job

I'm joining Bre at Peacoats and Plaid on her journey of 31 Days Bare Your Soul Blogging. For the month of October, Bre has come up with blogging prompts that Bare Your Soul. Things that you wouldn't know about us. I'm starting a little late on the.. But here is mine. Make sure you check out Bre's blog.

October 4: The job you'd love to have.

Every since I could remember I found myself doodling, drawing dresses and tops, skirts and pants on the side of my notebooks or on a drawing pad. But it wasn't until my Junior year in High School when I fell in love with sewing, and creating clothes. I took a fashion design class as my elective in Junior Year and then again in Senior year. I loved it. Mrs. Thompson, our teacher, had is create 5 sketches every week to turn in as our assignment. I loved being able to draw clothes on those croquis. Besides our weekly sketches, we also had assignments to work on on the sewing machine. Yes there was about 20 sewing machines in the classroom, we worked on Jackets, Pajamas, Tote Bags. I loved it.

The second time I took it Mrs. Thompson pushed me and I challenged myself to make some dresses. My homecoming and my prom dress. ** I looked everywhere for these pictures..:/

Although I still had a lot to learn. Yes I knew how to sew using patters, I knew how to hem a dress, I learned to put zippers and buttons on, I learned to put the boning on dresses to make the corset look, I plaid around with different fabrics. But my sketches weren't perfect, my sewing needed a bit of work, I wanted to learn how to make my own pattern. I realized this is something I wanted to do. The more I thought about it the more excited I got, I researched FIDM here in Los Angeles, even took a 3 day camp there in the summer. I started thinking of opening a boutique!!
amazing boutiques {source
pretty - Alysa Rene Boutique 

I didn't work out right after high school. But now that I got my B.A and finished college, I want to get back to it. I want to take some classes to sharpen my drawing skills, and my sewing techniques. And I want to save money so that someday I can open a business. Those dreams that my 16 year old self (even my 10 year old self) had are still present now, in my 23 year old self. I hope that I will never give up on it, even if it is a far away dream.

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  1. I wish my high school had classes like that, that would have been awesome! Don't give up on your dream. You can totally do it! If not a physical boutique, setting up an online shop is so easy nowadays :) Love that you're joining me with this fun challenge!

  2. Thank you Bre. I know, the class was pretty cool. loved it!! and I've been thinking about an online shop!! Thank you so much. :)


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