Monday, October 7, 2013

A day of Thanks and Family.

My Favorite (any) holiday Moment

Ever since I could remember Thanksgiving has been a big holiday in my family. On my dad's side, he has 9 siblings (plus their spouses), I have 30 cousins (counting me) and now we have 7 nieces and nephews (plus 2 on the way). Thanksgiving is one of those holidays we all try to get together! Not all can make it, must most do.

Thanksgiving a couple years back (4 years ago)

We do Thanksgiving Potluck style, and everyone brings a dish. Most of the time, we end up with 2 big turkeys, 2 hams, some tamales, ribs, barbecue chicken, plus the sides dishes, casserole, rice, beans, mash potatoes, macaroni, etc. Oh and we can't forget dessert. BASICALLY,A BIG FEAST.

But it isn't the food that I love the most about Thanksgiving, is the fact that we come together with our family making the food, and then coming together to eat it too. Before we line up ( a 5-7 minute wait) to get the food, someone gives a prayer, and people give thanks to the wonderful things that happen to us. It always warms my heart! I love it!!

Every year, it seems like we add a new member to the family, and I'm so excited to see the family grows. Sometimes I wonder what will happen when all of us cousins, all 30, have our families? It will become harder to break up the holidays with each of our spouses, But I just hope that it stays like this forever!!

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