Monday, October 14, 2013

Pink and Grey {Baby Shower}

My cousin is having a baby girl!! And she is due next month!!We are super excited to meet Baby Isabella!!

My aunt and my cousins decided to throw her a baby shower.
So this weekend was busy, busy, busy with all the baby shower stuff.

Pink and Grey Elephants was our theme.
On Friday we handled making any last minute things. My aunt got all the groceries for some yummy tacos. My cousins were busy baking some desserts for our dessert bar, I was so buys assembling the mini diaper cakes for the centerpiece and gathering all the things for the games we had planned.

Saturday morning was busy with setting up the backyard before the party. And Sunday was busy with picking up the mess, and eating leftover food. haha.

My cousin didn't have any stuff for the baby, so we all wanted her baby shower to be extra special. And we might've gone over the top, but thats what we wanted!! hehe. I know some baby showers are made to be for Ladies only, but our showers are meant for the whole family to celebrate the new bundle of joy.

For the food we had tacos, with rice and beans and salad as our side dishes. YUMMY!!!

Felt flowers
For the decorations we diaper cakes, with pink and grey ribbon and pink shredded paper for out centerpieces. We included there felt flowers on the top of the cake.
Our tables were covered in grey and pink tablecloths.
And we had some cute baby shower banners throughout the party.

Dessert Bar:
As we were planning the shower, we were going back and forth between a candy bar and a dessert bar, we finally decided to make a dessert bar.
We had:
Rice Krispies bars (squares and shaped like elephants)
Pretzels dipped in chocolate
Cake Pops
Marshmallows on a stick with chocolate on top.

We really wanted the shower to be as fun as possible. So we came up with about 10 games, but we didn't play them all.

Don't Say Baby/Bebe: We decided to play this game with the words Baby and Bebe. Each person got a clothespin at the begging of the party, and the forbidden words were Baby and Bebe (in spanish). If you were caught saying these words you got the clothespin taken away by the person  who caught you. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the night, would get a small prize.

Safety Pins in a Rice Bowl: In this game we put some safety pins in a bowl full of rice. Each person had to grab a handful from the bowl and the person who got the most safety pins in their handful won a prize.

Memorize the Baby Items: We had a platter of about 18 baby items, ranging from lotion bottle, to nursing pads, nail clippers, a swaddle blanket, bib, etc. We went around the table by table,and the guests had 30 seconds to observe the platter and try to memorize as many items as possible. Then the platter was covered, and they had 1 minute to write down as many items as they could remember. Our winner got 13 items correct.

Guess how many?: In this game each person had to guess how many marshmallows were inside of a clear piggy bank shaped like a Baby Bottle. For this one we had 2 people get the right amount, which was 36 marshmallows.

Measuring Mommy: This is a traditional game that has made an appeareance in every shower I can remember. Its usually played with toilet paper as the measuring tape, but we played it with think ribbon. We pre-measured the momma, and the guests had to cut their own ribbon.

Feed the Baby: My favorite game. There were teams of two, and both people were blindfolded. One person was the baby,and the other person was the mom. The mom had to feed the baby (remember blindfolded) a little glass of baby food. The pair that finishes the food the fastest wins.

Dessert Bar

Dessert Bar Part 2
Gift Table
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  1. hahahah, right, Melissa.
    I think me and my cousin were more excited than the mommy was. ahhaha. It was fun planning it, but it was a lot of hard work.

    thanks for visiting. :)

  2. These are so beyond cute! I love the felt flowers, diaper cakes and the fun games!!!!


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