Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cara Box Reveal

 Cara Box
Don't know what Cara Box is, visit Wifessionals for more information. 

I love making new friends. I love this swap because I get to meet new friends and get introduced to amazing new blogs. This is my second Cara Box, and although the structure changed to primarily Instagram I had a lot of fun stalking following my two partners. 

This quarter's theme was SHINE: 

The partner that I was paired up to send my box to was Marie over at CandidlyMarie. Marie is an amazing stay-at-home momma and wife to adorable little Kayden and her hubby Greg. Follow her on Instagram and you will see cute pictures of her baby, you can just tell that he means a world to her. Her family is so adorable. She loves chocolate. And is a coffee addict. 

My other partner was Sonya over at Sea Salt & Caramel. Sonya is college student in the journey to find her path. She's from the Bay Area! And although I lived in the Bay for about 4 years for school, I sometimes pretend to be from there.. :) Her major is Media Studies, and she is looking to transfer to the East Coast. Go Girl!!! :) She also loves chocolate. and she loves to read. 

Sonya sent me my Carabox, and I was so excited to open it. Here is a peek inside. 

Right when I opened the box, I smelled the "Pacific Breeze" soap. It smells so good like the sea!! I can't wait to use it. And there is the candle from Padua, one of Sonya's favorite candle. That one also smells good. How cute are those owls. I've become obsessed with owls, and those candles are so perfect. 

Then there was the John Green "An Abundance of Katherines." I love it!!! I think Sonya totally hit the target with sending me a book!! 

Want to participate in the next Carabox, the next sign-up is in March. Head over to Wifessionals for more information.
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  1. This is so neat!! I wish I had an Instagram :)


  2. Hi Laney, I know they would be perfect for you!! :) I believe I've seen them at Target.. I will ask for you. :)

  3. Kaitlyn at Wifessionals, she does the exchange every three months!! :) The next sign-up is in March.. This is my second time, and I love meeting new people..
    I know I've seen so many amazing swaps, I just wish I had money to participate in all of them.. lol.
    I've been failing at life with Book Reviews, my goal was to have more of them.. But I just fail.. I will do one for this book.. :)

  4. How fun!! What a great box. Those lil' post-its with the notes had to be pretty awesome to read. :) Love those thoughtful boxes. New follower from the linkup. Yeah - you're gonna have to tell us how the book is. :)

  5. looks like you got some great things :) stopping by from the linkup! :)

  6. Found your blog through the Cara Box link up... and have to share that I LOVE those owl candles!! I am obsessed with all things owls (comes in part from being a Chi Omega I think), but I so want them! lol

  7. They are great. I love getting things in the mail. :) and what better way than a care package. hehhe. :)
    The book is next on my TBR!! I will post up a review. :) :)
    Thanks for stopping by, girl :)

  8. thanks hun, Loved them..
    thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Right, they are cute.. I love owls too!, I have a couple of things owl in my room!! And these candles add the perfect touch.
    Thanks for stopping by, girl. :)
    Ps. - I think I've seen them at Target before. :)


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