Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My 5 Top Pins {The Girl Between The Lines}

This Week: Share your top 5 Pinterest Pins.

I love Pinterest!! I admit, while in college I used to spend hours on there, just so I spend time NOT doing my homework or reading. Now, I don't spend that much time on it anymore. Must go back, or not. 

Once in a while I get Pin-spire for D.I.Y projects, or yummy recipes. Sometimes Pinterest takes me to places I wish to go to. And Pinterest picks me up with its quotes when I'm feeling sad, happy, angry, frustrate. I'm an amateur party planner because of Pinterest. And a wannabe fashionista and interior designer. 

I LOVE PINTEREST. Here are my 5 Top Pinterest this week. 

I love getting new ideas for outfits, that I wouldn't normally wear. I love this outfit. And for us curvaceous ladies, I found a new blog, this pretty lady has a style blog over at Curves and Confidence.


I'm in need of something new with my hair. I love this color. Reds, Coppers, Browns Hair appointment booked!!! :)


I love reading. And the first thing I want when I get my own home is a reading nook, where I can go and just read. Like this one!! Beautiful. Follow Miluccia for home inspirations.


I get all my nail inspirations from pinterest!! I love the glossiness of the black, with the gold accent. I need this. :)


Just love this quote.

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Are you obsessed with Pinterest? What are your top 5 pins this week?
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  1. Awesome pins!
    I love those nails. c:


  2. Ashley @ Married to the GameFebruary 19, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    I wish that I could curl my hair like that!

  3. Oh I agree with the first one. I love looking at pinterest for outfit inspirations. Sometimes they put colors together that I never thought would even go together. My wardrobe has completely morphed into something different because of this.

  4. Thanks hun..
    They are so cute.. But where can I find that gold color. lol..
    thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. right!!! My hair is curly, sometimes uncontrollable, and I always wished for straight hair so that I can curl my hair in soft curls like that.. lol. :)
    Thanks for stopping by, Ashley. :)

  6. I agree.. I think I've gone shopping looking for something similar to the outfits on Pinterest. :) i love it though, because like you said they sometimes put things/colors together that we wouldn't have thought about putting together. :)

  7. Cute pins!! I love the little reading nook :) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Love that hair color and the quote!

  9. Oooohhh LOVE that reading nook. So cute. It makes me want to sit and read, too. Thanks for linking up!!


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