Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 25th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad

25 years ago today, two people in love got married and started their family. I want to wish my mom and dad a happy 25th anniversary. 

I want to thank them for falling in love with each other, and for giving me the greatest parents ever. They have made a beautiful family, and have given my brothers, and I unconditional love and support. 

Coming back home from college, I realized the love that my parents have for each other even after 25 years. My dad comes home from work everyday, and the first thing he does is give my mom a kiss. My dad's obsession is baseball, and my mom spends her weekends watching him play. Now that is love. They go out on dates once in a while. But what I love seeing is them curled up on the sofa watching a movie. 

They are the reason why my standards are the way they are. I know that every couple has arguments, but my parents never let us find out when they did. They have supported us, even when we've made mistakes. I admire their hard work, dedication, their love, the small and big things they do for their family. 

 I wish I could go back and see how their love story started. I wish I could've been a guest at their wedding, because I heard, that the wedding was a blast. But most of all I wish to have a marriage and family like what they have. 

I hope you have fun in Hawaii, next month, you both deserve it. Cheers to 25 years of love, and to 50+ more!!

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  1. Awww congrats!!! :)

  2. So cute! Congrats on 25 years!


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