Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Song!!

Going off my post from the other day, SUMMER is ending! Some of the students are starting school tomorrow!!

I had a lot of fun this summer. I went to VEGAS, my first time ever as a 21+ year old with my amazing friends!! I went back to the Bay Area on a road trip, which was amazing! Went to three weddings which were all beautiful. Went to the beach and went bar hopping, woot for DAY PARTIES!!! Hung out with my high school and college friends! Had amazing get together with my cousins and family!

Every summer has a theme song! When I think SUMMER 2013 I think of this one!! My favorite song right now. AND THEY ARE SOOOOO SEXY!!!

This past year, I was such an X-Factor fan (which I'm so excited to see this new season). Anyways, when Fifth Harmony was formed I was in love with them. They are my guilty pleasure. And when their new song came out I was all over it. I miss Girl Groups, Remember Spice Girls, Eden's Crush, Destiny's Child, 3LW, Cheetah Girls, PussyCat Dolls, Danity Kane.I LOVED THEM..  Like Simon Cowell said there is a hole in the market for these girls, I just really hope they make it big!! **  fangirling time finished. Check them out. They are talented.

What's your favorite Summer 2013 song? What about your all time favorite summer song!
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