Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top Ten ... things to do before summer ends!!

It's August!! That means school Septemeber is coming soon, which means school is startting school. Although I have been out of school for 8 months, I always associated August with the end of summer. Noooo!! And for me right now being a tutor that means back to word on a regular basis, lol, I do enjoy my job though.

Also I will be startting school. Just three classes, hopefully fun, as one is an art class, and two others are Fashion classes. Which I'm really stoked about!!

But like I said August is here,  summer is ending!! Here are the last few things I want to do before summer ends!!

  1. BEACH BIKE RIDES!!!! please!! Going with a friend would be a plus!!! 
  2. SHOPPING SPREE! Fall is coming, that means new pieces and outfits to buy
  3. FINISH INSANITY! took a break, but I must get back on the grind.
  5. FAIR!! LA
  6. SPEND TIME WITH MY NIECES and NEPHEWS!! always a good time with the munchkins
  7. BONFIRE! whether at the beach or in the backyard and drinking games
    Homemade pit. :)
  8. CONCERT. Not sure who to see, but I've been wanting to go to a concert so bad.
  9. MAKE ONE GARMENT. patterns have been bought, now I just need to take out that dusty sewing machine. :)
  10. SPEND TIME WITH MY GIRLS! cousins and friends; go to dinners, wine nights at the beach, etc.

What is on your bucketlist before summer ends?? What have you checked off your bucketlist?

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