Friday, August 9, 2013

Fashion in the Office

Seeing that I had an interview today I decided to write a quick post on Interview and Working outfits.

I get super nervous about interviews but I look forward to outfits the most. lol. Head over to Fab5Adventures to read my post on my interview and some interview tips, here.

But on this post we will talk about some fashion. Like I mention I love getting dressed up. I loved adding new pieces to my closet even if its just on my Pinterest closet. I feel that it is really important to look good when going to an interview. It is when your future employer will get a first impression from you, and of course we all want to show an intelligent, fashionable person.

This is what I wore this morning. I felt that this position was on the laid back side, and decided not to wear a suit, but rather a nice salmon/pink button down blouse at Old Navy, with some grey jeans that I bought at Forever21 (the color makes it more professional than regular scenes) and some low nude heels that I got at Payless.

When choosing outfits to wear, we have to keep in mind what kind of job we are interviewing for.
Whether we need to wear a two piece suit, or whether we can wear some nice dress pants with a cute blouse, or jeans or blazer. Think whether the job is more creative so you can play with some color like a colored blazer, or whether is more professional/executive where you can use color as your accents in accessories.

Check this website, Fashion Club. They have a cool article on how to pair up a simple piece and wear it based on the kind of job. And boys there are some types on here too.

Also check out my pinterest boards to get some ideas. :

What are your favorite things to wear to an interview??
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