Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 - Never Forgotten

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I remember this day 12 years ago. I was 11 years old, and was in the first couple weeks of 6th grade. To us it was just like any other school day, my grandma walked my 7 year old brother, and 10 year old brother and I to school.

My first period was Music Class. As we came in to class, we settled in and the teacher took roll. Then I remember the teacher turning on the news, and there we saw the first plane crash into the Tower. I heard a shriek. I was sitting next to my friend and we both just looked at each other. I remember seeing the images and crying. Then the second plane crashed, and more tears rolled down. I think we just stared at the TV, we stayed in 1st period longer than it was scheduled for, in shock. The intercom told us to go to our next class, still in shock me and my friend walked through campus to our next class.

I was nervous, and scared. They were saying they were evacuating all government buildings, and I knew my mom worked for the county, so I was worried for her.

At home is where I saw those images that we can never unseen. Every channel was covering the story. The clips of the crashes, and when the towers came down was repeated over and over. And just remember eyes watery, tears coming down, asking myself "Why is this happening? All those people." As an 11 year old I just didn't understand. And still now at 23, I still don't know why people can be so cruel.

So forever I will remember that day. And pray for the families who lost their loved ones in the plane crashes, the towers, the brave and courageous men and women who went in to save as many lives as they could, to those who came out and those who didn't, NYPD, FDNY, and all brave citizens, to our troops sent overseas to protect our country, and to their families, I pray for you not only today but every day. Thank you for everything!!!
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