Monday, September 23, 2013

My life Lately.. {Working Out Motivation}

Blogtember day 15: September 23, 2013 : My life lately....

So I haven't been feeling good about myself, ever since my mom bought me that one shirt and it didn't fit.

Before summer started I told myself that I wanted to get fit, exercise eat healthier, lose some weight. I even bought myself the INSANITY workout. I was so excited and pumped, I told myself I can do it!!! It's my time!!

For the first 3 weeks, I was doing so good. INSANITY kicked my ass every day I did it, some of the moves I couldn't do it fully but I tried. I took more breaks than those 30 seconds on the DVD lol. I wanted to give up, and I skipped once or twice. It was hard. But I noticed my jeans fit a tiny bit better. My body felt better. I noticed I had a bit more energy.

But I guess I wasn't noticing the results that I wanted. (I always have this problem, I notice everything I put but I have unrealistic ideas about how the program is working.) I got busy. I'm too tired. I would rather read. I put every excuse out there, and stopped the program. I know I suck.

But I'm happy to tell you, that I started up on it again!!! I'm determine once again to do this, but this time is different!! I want to so bad to feel good about myself, mentally and physically, I NEED TO!!

Me drenched in sweat after INSANITY!!
I have to remember this:


How do you keep yourself motivated in your workout? or in life in general?


  1. I tried Insanity once...I think I did like 2 days hahaha

  2. hahahah, Brianna!!
    the second day I cried a lil.. its tooo INTENSE!! lol

  3. I'm also trying to lose weight and have heard about Insanity. I don't know how that'd work for me lol but good luck! I may have to try it in the future. :)

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    ~ christina from polka dot heart ♥

  4. Hi, Christina,
    I know its intense. I just felt I needed something extreme to motivate me!!
    You won't finish a workout without being drenched in sweat, so I guess that a good thing!!
    But you can do it!! sending you positive vibes!!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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