Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Girl {A Review-ish}

Blogtember day 16: September 24, 2013 : Review a book, place or product.... or TV show

So tell me why I just found out about this show like last week?! Well I knew about it.... but never had the need/desire to watch it. But ever since all the hype for the premiere of the third season last week, I decided to watch it, and I LOOOOOVE IT!!. I think its hilarious. and I want to be Jess and Cece at the same time, and I want to have roommates like Nick, Schmidt and Winston!! Please can I??

I just finished the first Season!! So no one spoil it for me, please!!!

Here's my takes on the characters: (might contain a few spoilers)

In the first season Jessica Day find her boyfriend cheating on her and breaks up with him. She decides to leave the house and find somewhere else to live. She finds Nick, Schmidt and Coach on craigslist and then begins their living situation. Jess is a dorky and bubbly elementary teacher, struggling to move on after her six year relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Jess stayed in watching Dirty Dancing everyday right after moving in with the boys. The boys decide to help Jess move on with her life, and they even were their dating coaches for one night. Jess' bubbly,quirky and always positive attitude and personality annoy her friends at some points.
* I love her because of her bubbly personality. You don't find many people with that kind of personality, and if you do it is often annoying. But Jess, shes amazing. I would love to be her friend, she is hilarious. 

Meet Nick Miller. Once in Law School he dropped out and is now working as Bartender, where he gives his friends free drinks. He is seen as a slacker, with now motivation for success. We also learn in this first season that he has a credit score of a "homeless."' He has been struggling with his breakup from long time girlfriend, by dating a lawyer and by hooking up with college-aged girls.
* I have a big, big crush on Nick. Yes he doesn't have a lot money, but I don't care. He's cute and funny.

Schmidt struggled with being overweight in college, now the pounds are off, and he is a ladies man. He works at a company with all women, and even tries to hook up with his boss. Schmidt is the one is charge of the decoration and cleanliness of the house. He is a huge germaphobe and would rather cook than any of the other roommates touch his food. A huge ladies man, he sometimes comes off as douchey and cocky. He comes from a rich background, but he a hard worker.
* I have a huge crush on Schmidt too!! His cockiness makes me that much more attractive to him!!!

There's no Jess or Schmidt without their side-chick, Cece! Cece is Jess best friend since childhood. She is a model and the hottest chick on the block. She's snarky and funny, and will say what's on her mind. The first night the boys meet her, they drool over her. She starts a fling with someone that no one suspected.
*MAJOR GIRL CRUSH with Cece!!! I want to have the confidence that she has. 

Then there is Winston. He went away to play Basketball in Latvia, but now he is back.Winston is very competitive. He struggles to get back to his new life here in America. He has a hard time trying to find jobs and tries to win back his ex-girlfriend back. 
*Another crush on this one!!! He is hilarious. 

I can't wait until I'm caught up with all the episodes. I'm excited. And I'm definitely rooting and hoping these end up happening for Schmidt-Cece and Jess-Nick.
Do you watch New Girl? Who's your favorite character? Line? Episode?

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  1. I love New Girl! I've been a Zooey Deschanel fan for awhile, love her music, too. I kind of fell off watching it last season, but I'm sure I'll catch back up eventually! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Love New Girl! Except I need to go back and watch the first few episodes because I didn't know that's how she got to be roommates with them lol

  3. LOVE New Girl! SO MUCH! :)

  4. me too, well currently trying to catch up, but I love it!!!

  5. Emily!! I know!!! its so funny!! I wish I could be friends with all of them..lol


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