Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Week In Photos {Sept 1 - 7}

On Sundays I will recap my week through the pictures I either posted on Instagram, Facebook, blogging, and the ones that didn't make it up. :)

Sunday - deserves its own collage!!! :)
We decided to put together a family SLOSH BALL GAME. It's like kickball, but with beer (or Gatorade if you were underage). Basically the purpose of this game, if played correctly is to get messed up and drunk and have an awesome time. But because we have some minors we brought Gatorade and water for them to play with. So its  played like a kickball game, except you have your cup on you the whole time, while kicking and on defense. If kicking you have to stop on second base and chug a cup of your desired drink before advancing to third base. Out on the field, you have to drink a cup of your drink of choice throughout the inning, keeping your cup on you at all times, even when trying to catch the ball (this was a little difficult, hehe). It was fun playing with all the family. There was one person hurt and taken to the hospital but he is okay now. Then we had a water fight after our game, which he decided to end it at a tie, since it was becoming too competitive. lol. My little munchkins are the cutest.

On Tuesday I made a delicious salad for lunch, on my way to eating a lil healthier.
On Wednesday I put these two bad boys in for my Wine Wednesday Video chat day with my BFF

On Thursday I bought these new scarf colors!!
and finished the USC-colored scarf on Friday
and started a baby beanie on Saturday/Sunday

Septemeber Photo-A-Day Challenge hosted by FatMumSlim
Day1: Together - My family together for our Slosh Day 
Day 2: My name begins with... A - At Barnes & Noble looking for a new book. 
Day 3: Lines - My window blinds let in a perfect amount of sunshine 
Day 4: Alone - found the word alone in the book I was reading 
Day 5: Here Forever -  As I stopped for the train, it looked so peaceful 
Day 6 :Getting Ready - FAIL
Day 7: White - the white clouds on a perfect Saturday!

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How was your first week of Septemeber?

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I would love to hear your thoughts!! :)