Friday, September 20, 2013


Blogtember day 14: September 20, 2013 : React to this word: Comfort.

I'm such a homebody. If you tell me if I would like to go out to the club or have a girls night in with lots of wine, I would choose girls night in 90% of the time, I love dressing up so sometimes the club wins. This is something totally opposite from my friends. They would rather be out than stay in, yes sometimes when I'm super bored that's me too. But 90% of the time you will find me on the couch or on my bed reading, watching TV, movies, or more reading.

Anyways, comfort is being at home, with a nice cup of hot chocolate on cold days, or a nice glass of lemonade on hot days. Comfort is hanging out in the living room watching a movie or playing candy crush. Comfort is sitting with pajamas on and gossipping with friends. Comfort is being able to take a "me" day and do nothing at all or everything you ever wanted. Comfort is being able to take a nap in the middle of the day or the morning or at night. Comfort is being at home, wherever home is.

Today was a perfect day for this topic. Cloudy/gloomy day and chilly air, I wanted nothing else than to stay put and grab a book.

What does 'comfort' mean to you?

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