Thursday, September 12, 2013

Always the listener... how blogging has changed me.

Day 8 of Blogtember: Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.
I feel like I've written about blogging, re-starting my blogging a lot this summer. But this post is on the Blogtember prompts, so I'll try not to repeat myself.

Through my childhood until now, and probably forever, I've been the shy one, the quiet one. I was always nervous when it was my turn to read or when I had to present in front of the class. I was not a public speaker. When it came to my emotions, I always decided to keep them to myself. When my brothers would tease me, yell at me, or hit me, I wouldn't hit them back or yell back, instead I quietly (pretending it didn't bother me) went to my room and cried. If I stuck up for myself maybe it wouldn't affect me too much.

I had a few friends growing up. I had my cousins, which were like sisters to me. But somehow I just couldn't find myself to tell them whatever was going on, small or big, in my life. I was always the listener never the talker. And for me that was fine. I loved listening and giving some advice once in a while.

Like I said I had a few friends, and in college I met these amazing set of friends. We all lived together at one point, live-in roommates,, neighbors, or honorary housemates. But put 5 girls into a one bed room apartment and you'll have pillow talk. Again I listen to their stories, worries, problems, achievements, happy moments. I was always nervous to tell them about me. Then I began thinking how could you not feel comfortable enough to tell your best friends about yourself. Then they began thinking that, and we became having some problems, we reconciled with the promise that I will tell them what was going on (at this time I was going through a dark time in life.)

I look back at that time, and I wish I could've came here to blog about it instead of doing some of the very stupid things I know wish I hadn't done. My junior and senior year seemed like such a blur! :/
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Anyways back to the prompt, I shared this to show you I never was a person to share my feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams, verbally/out loud. But I feel that I'm able to do that through here, even if it's sharing a recipe or writing about a book I'm reading. Written words, although difficult, are much easier for me then Verbal Words. Even my ISFJ profile agreed with me. I started/restart blogging to start sharing some tiny part of my life, that I think I'm ready to share. Through the years my blog has on, and off activity I've learned that my feelings and thoughts are mine, and there is no need to be embarrassed by them (even if they are silly). Be proud of who you are. Although my blog is still starting and so is Fab5Adventures, I've become more confident to about myself.

I'm not quite on FB as much anymore. But Instagram, I'm obsessed!!! When I first got insta I felt like I needed to share everything, because its cool. Now I'm finding myself holding back, because people around me are telling me do you really need to share it? So I hesitate, but in my head I say yes! There is nothing wrong with it. From now on, I'm going to try to share as much as possible without spamming. heheh
Check out the Blogtember prompts!!

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  1. I am just like you... must be our ISFJ personalities. Blogging is great to help us share things we might be too shy to in person! :)

  2. right Emily. ISFJ profiles were on point. and yes it does!!

  3. Lovely post! :D I am glad that you can use blogging as an outlet :)

    I found your blog on the blog hop, and am now following! :D

  4. Thank you Ashesela!! I find myself excited to write something up (even if they are not the greatest posts) lol

    Thank you fo visiting :)

  5. My pleasure!! :D And your writing is lovely!! :)
    I find blogging is a great way to get things off of my chest and onto (virtual) paper, instead of just rattling around in my head XD


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